Question Should I get 2 TVs on the same platform?

Nov 18, 2021
Should I get 2 TVs on the same platform for my new place? Looking to get two (budget) TVs for my place - one for the living room and one for the kitchen. The living room I found a nice 65" Samsung TU7000 for $569. For the kitchen (which is a small setting) I'm looking to get a 32" TV. Should I get a Samsung 32" MU4500 for $220 or a Toshiba 32" FireTV for $130? Should I be getting both TVs on the same platform or just go for cut rate prices at this budget realm?

Note: I have a Note 8 but I'm not the kind of person that has everything connected or uses Assistant/Alexa for everything. But who knows, after I move in maybe I will?
Thanks for your help.