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  1. H

    Lost mobile of Nokia

    I lost my Nokia mobile,how can I block that phone?
  2. O

    Cell phone repair

    I have lost the security code of my Nokia N73. What can be done to recover it back?
  3. C

    How to change your Minecraft Pocket Edition skin on Windows Phone?

    I have Been Searching the web for weeks. I want to change my skin on Minecraft Pocket Edition on Windows Phone (I have a Nokia Lumia 530). Is there some app I could use. Pleas HELP!
  4. T

    my nokia 2600 classic i have forgot my code please me

    My nokia 2600 phone has forgot the code plrase help me
  5. M

    nokia lumia520 imei

    I miss my phone
  6. B

    Hello, i lost my nokia 220 dual sim mobile in September month. IMEI no 1. Sir plzzzz help m

    Hello, i lost my nokia 220 dual sim mobile in September month. IMEI no 1. Sir plzzzz help m
  7. G

    Hi I lost my phone at work and its off and I looked everywhere how can I find it

    I lost a Nokia Lumia 520 and there is a tracking devices on it but it won't show my last whereabouts. Please help :) I need my phone it has everything I need for college on there. And I for sure lost it in the back office at work.
  8. N

    hi i am lost my mobile nokia 210 last night

    its low budget and blue color cover flate screen mobile
  9. H

    Screen got problems

    My Nokia Lumia 930 got a big problem. One day, there on the screen has appeared a short of big green transparent dot, and it grew bigger every day. Anyone knows what it should be?
  10. G

    which one is durable Nokia or Samsung

    which one is durable Nokia or Samsung in terms of long service, performance (like virus problems), services etc.
  11. R

    Hi there, I have forgotten the security code of my phone. It is Nokia 7230. I have already tried 00000 and 12345 but it looks

    Hi there, I have forgotten the security code of my phone. It is Nokia 7230. I have already tried 00000 and 12345 but it looks like I changed it.
  12. J

    jail break Lumia 635

    How do I jail break Nokia Lumia 635???????
  13. R

    looking how i can open my forgot security code c2

    i have forget my pass word and my phone is nokia c2 and it always gave me to put the pass word how i can open it pleas help me
  14. E

    suddenly I can't print here maps directions anymore

    I used here maps direction instead of google maps, but suddenly I can't seem to print direction from anymore. did nokia/Microsoft disable map printing feature on any ideas?
  15. D

    can i get it off

    my nokia n8 is asking me for a lock code and i cant reset anything or put my new sim in it how can i get it off
  16. A

    i lost my nokia 3110 how can i find plz inform

    Today i lost my nokia phone how i get it
  17. L

    Can I use the sim card from my T-Mobile My Touch phone in a Nokia 520 Lumia

    I want to buy a Nokia Lumia 520, can I use the sim card from my T-Mobile My Touch phone?
  18. K

    puk code of nokia 301

    I have forgotten my pin code n after that it appeared puk code.
  19. O

    Nokia 920 won't charge

    Charge will not ignite Plugged in wall Phone comes on 20 secs red level indicator(low) shows in screen Phone goes off Tried hard and soft reset Charge DOES work on other equipment Please advise
  20. valentinalucia

    Nokia's N1 Tablet Runs Android 5.0, Looks Like iPad mini

    The Nokia N1 looks like Apple's smallest tablet, but it features Android 5.0 Lollipop and special Z Launcher software for a lower price. Nokia's N1 Tablet Runs Android 5.0, Looks Like iPad mini : Read more
  21. T

    Help! Nokia Lumia 520 Blackscreen!

    i got a new charger which made my tablet(android) not charge and my phone(nokia L 520) not charge so i used my old charger and that made my phone completely black and it only vibrated my tablet flash that its charging but it isnt.. is it my electronics or the charger? or is there a method to...
  22. S

    lost my mobile.

    I lost my mobile nokia XL this tuesday.plz help me nokia ,how i found my mobile .
  23. E

    i did not back up my contacts on nokia and i reset my phone

    i did not back up my contacts on nokia and i reset my phone
  24. viveknayyar007

    How to Unlock the Nokia Lumia 520 or 1020

    When you bought your Nokia Lumia 520 or Lumia 1020, it was likely on contract with your wireless carrier. When you’re done with your contract, unlocking the phone is a simple process as long as you have an eligible phone and all of your information at the ready. Unlocking is useful if you want...
  25. tomsguideUS

    How to Use Nokia's Software Recovery Tool on a Lumia 1520

    If you want to update your Nokia phone to the latest software or want to recover your start clean after an issue, you can use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool. in this tutorial, will detial the process of recovering or resetting your phone with the help of Nokia's Software Recovery Tool. This...
  26. R

    How do I get rid of security code on Nokia 5310

    I'm wondering can I by pass the security code as I've tried numerous times on my Nokia 5310
  27. L

    My phnoe is locked and lost my PUK number

    Lost my PUK number for nokia windows phone
  28. D

    Can I transfer files from my nokia e63 to my pc without a wired usb cable?

    I need help! I can't find my usb cable for my nokia e63, and I need to transfer videos and pictures soon. Is there any way to transfer files an other way? Maybe via bluetooth?
  29. V

    how to track my stolen nakia x+

    I have lost my nokia x+ android smartphone. There was no google account, google maps, google play store or any google's app. Please help me track it down as soon as possible.
  30. A

    Code NCK Nokia 2730 C-1

    Salut les mecs, J ai besoin du code NCK de mon NOKIA 2730 C-1 IMEI : 352020 /04/566605/6 Code : 0590827 FCC ID ; QTLRM578 Cordialement
  31. T

    hello, how would i copy contacts from nokiaX2-01 when my phone's display goes white

    hello, i have lost my nokia x2-01 display but the phone is still running i want to copy my contacts from phone to sim. please
  32. artiny

    Nokia Lumia 630 vs LG L70?

    hy wich should I buy? I have always Android phone....but not means I didnt change to other OS...
  33. Y

    Unlocking nokia c7

    How can I inlock a nokia c7 Imei # REDACTED - SS a tmobile phone for free
  34. Marshall Honorof

    Microsoft HD-10 Beams Your Lumia to Your TV

    The Microsoft Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones HD-10 is a Miracast receiver that mirrors content on HDTVs with minimal effort. Microsoft HD-10 Beams Your Lumia to Your TV : Read more
  35. T

    how to reset security code of c1 nokia

    i forgot my security code of my c1 nokia
  36. T

    what is the puk code for nokia c5-03

    Hello, my phone is a Nokia C5-03. I entered the wrong PIN and now it asks for the PUK code. However, I don't know the PUK code for my phone
  37. J

    why when my nokia lumia turns off under little pressure

    One day I set my phone down gently and my phone just shuts off and now it does it every time please help
  38. P

    how to find nokia 206 with usong imei no.

    how to find noka 206 with using imei no plzz ans me fast it is my father phone.
  39. C

    need help finding a unlock code for nokia lumia 635 on t-mobile

    I have just bought a nokia lumia 635 from t-mobile and do not want to use t-mobile and they will not give me a unlock code without signing up for a account with them can someone help
  40. Jovan93

    Nokia 1800 Unlock sim (free)

    I need a key to unlock my phone i tried but there is no service for my country (Serbia) is there any other way to unlock but that is free? tried to insert code but after i press # its says to me that its not alowed and i dont know why help me pls
  41. H

    i lost all my contacts

    I lost all my contacts after changing the SIM Card i have a Nokia 71 what to do?
  42. S

    hello i forget my phone lock code for nokia 6110 navigator.please help me.

    hello can anybuddy help me for remove my phone lock code for nokia 6110 navigator?
  43. A

    Nokia service center in MN USA

    I bought my Nokia Lumia 1020 last 2 day ago and I use it yesterday. But now I cannot turn on/off power. Nothing show up just the clock show up. I need help so I am looking for a service center in Saint Paul Minnesota.
  44. D

    nokia 521 smart phone backlight does stay on when making a call or when I'm am speaking

    My nokia 521 smartphone backlight doesn't stay on when I am speaking , which make it difficult to respond to commands given by automated system or to see how many minutes are use or whom I speaking to
  45. G

    Rumor: Nokia Lumia 730 Could Take Super Selfies

    The rumored Nokia Lumia 730, codenamed Superman, could sport a front camera that takes super selfies. Rumor: Nokia Lumia 730 Could Take Super Selfies : Read more
  46. K

    Missing power button on Nokia Lumia 710.

    My friend gave me his old phone now that he has a new one, but the power switch is broken on it. I opened the phone to see if it was something simple. It was not. The entire switch that connects to the motherboard has broken off. I thought about soldering it back on, but unfortunately the skills...
  47. J

    What's a good upgrade from Nokia Lumia 520?

    I have the nokia lumia 520. I am looking to get a new nokia lumia soon. Which nokia lumia is a good upgrade from the 520. I would like it to have a better resolution screen, better power and be better overall.
  48. J

    What's a good upgrade from the Nokia lumia 520 that doesn't cost too much

    I have a nokia lumia 520 with talk talk for £8.50 a month. I am getting a phone upgrade soon and want one that isn't too much a month. The Nokia lumia 1020 is too much a month. I want it to have a better screen, more power and a flash on the camera.
  49. A

    how to open line my nokia 2700c-2 from sun plan 350

    how to open line my nokia 2700c-2 from sun plan 350
  50. C

    Nokia 6300 won't start! Help!!!

    Hello world I tried to update my nokia 6300 to the 7.21 firmware by downloading nokia suite and clicking update firmware. But my laptop had shut down while it was flashing it. How, i dont know. The laptop had 1 hour of battery life and the 6300 also had a full battery. Now it won't start, and...
  51. RobotLizard

    Best £10 or Less Smartphone

    I'm looking for a smartphone to replace my Nokia Lumia 520 because I hate everything about it. The issue is my parents gave me a budget of £10 per month (contract) (approx. $17) I'm struggling to find one that fits what I want, so can anyone help? My best option at the moment is the Huawei...
  52. M

    how can i find my nokia asha 107

    i have many important info in that mobile please help me
  53. F

    looking for answer

    My e72 nokia has been logedwith unknown google account.... i m scareed about that is that person can see my cell pics that i have captured????
  54. S

    pin number of puk blocked

    my handset is nokia c1 it is blocked and asking for new pin number
  55. H

    How can i delete something from my mobile nokia c3.

    How can i delete a music folder or file from my mobile nokia doesnt have a memory card..when tried to delete the item showing remove the write protection and ty again..Please help. TIA.
  56. M

    How can i disable the power button? Nokia Lumia 610

    As soon as i put the battery on its place it turns by itself and like 3 seconds later it, obviously its the power button so i want to disable the button, so i can discard a software problem.
  57. M

    Huawei G510 vs Nokia Lumia 630

    Hi guys. I`m torn between this two smartphones and I`m not sure which one should I take. Thanks for help ;)
  58. S

    Help. Is it worth to buy the nokia lumia 920 now? vs S3, S4 Mini

    I am looking to buy two unlocked phones, one for my sister and me. At this moment we can afford no more than 600$ thus we are looking for something good that fits into our price range I am checking amazon and the Nokia Lumia 920 is selling for 270-285$. If I get this I could even buy two good...
  59. J

    Best upgrade from Nokia Lumia 520

    I currently have the Nokia Lumia 520. What Nokia Lumia is better than the 520 but isn't too much money
  60. G

    Nokia 6120 Classic: City Bloxx lag

    I have a Nokia 6120 classic, and the game City Bloxx(the Symbian S60 version of Tower Bloxx) is bundled with it. Unfortunately, it lags heavily. If I play it for a while without exiting it, the lag will eventually decrease. However, if I close the game and run it again, it will usually resume...