Icons on My Tablet Have Strange Blue Border. What’s Wrong?

All Icons on My Tablet Have Strange Blue Border. What’s Wrong?

If all the icons on all the windows on your tablet have a blue border line surrounding them, most likely the issue is not with the hardware. It is the ‘Developer options’ on your android OS that has been misconfigured either accidentally or deliberately.

This further means that you don’t have to panic, and neither do you need to take your device to the customer care team of the manufacturer to get the issue resolved. In fact, after going through this tutorial, you will be able to solve this problem right at your place and just with a few tappings.

If you are not quite aware of the android interface, you must follow the steps in this tutorial exactly the way they are mentioned. The reason behind this is, if you make any configuration incorrectly in the ‘Developer options’, you might make your device unstable. Also, once it is configured incorrectly, you might also need to hard reset your tablet or mobile phone to make it function properly. Although hard resetting your device is not a big deal, the problem might be with your data as it can be lost if you did not back it up previously.

Here is what you need to do to remove the strange blue border lines that are displayed around each icon on your tablet or smart phone:

  1. ■Tap the app drawer from the home screen.
    ■From the displayed list, tap the Settings icon.
    ■From the Settings window, in the left pane, tap Developer options.
    ■In the right pane, scroll down and under the Drawing section, uncheck the checkbox representing the Show layout boundaries option.


    ■As soon as you will uncheck the checkbox, you will notice that the blue border lines have been removed instantaneously.
    ■Tap the back button multiple times to come out of the Settings window.

Note: The blue border lines that are displayed on the screen due to the Show Layout boundaries option do not harm the system by any means, and neither do they decrease the performance of your mobile phone or tablet. However, with such border lines displayed on the screen, it becomes challenging to locate particular icons or apps. These border lines also annoy the users while watching movies or other video files. Although it is very unlikely that the feature is enabled automatically due to any app requirements, if it has been enabled, the steps given above can be used to resolve the issue.
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