Install App Extensions on Your Sony Smartwatch

Installing extensions for apps on your Sony smartwatch allow you to use the device to its full potential. Some app extensions are powerful and sophisticated enough to eliminate the need of taking out your paired smartphone from your bag/pocket, and most tasks can be performed from the smartwatch.

Installing app extensions to your Sony smartwatch is simple with the help of Sony Smart Connect.

Here is how:

    ■Turn on your Android smartphone and pair it with the Sony smartwatch via Bluetooth.
    ■Tap the Menu icon to go to the Menu screen.
    ■When opened, tap the Smart Connect icon to launch the app.
    ■Once the app interface appears, tap Samsung Apps under the Apps and settings section.
    ■On the App Store page, search and install the Music Player Smart Extension app.
    ■Once installed, on the smartwatch, go to the Music widget that shows the track which is currently being played.
    ■On the opened screen, tap the right or left arrow icon to change the track on the smartphone.
    ■To control the volume of the player, tap the ‘+’ or ‘-’ sign from the top of the screen on the smartwatch.
    ■Tap the Pause icon (icon with the parallel lines) from the bottom to stop playing music on the smartphone.


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