Monster Hunter World – A Scalding Scoop Quest Guide

The quest is not going to be an issue for you as the number of monsters that you need to kill is not very big and you will get an easy reward for completing the quest. To know how to hunt the monsters and where to find them, refer to the guide given below:
This one is going to be a very simple quest. This is because unlike the last quest, you will not have to slay 13 monsters, the number of monsters to slay is smaller. Also, the monsters in this quest are not very annoying like the monsters of the last quest so you can expect it to be over within a few minutes. The objective of the quest is to slay five monsters that are called Barnos. These are flying monsters that come under the category of the pests so you will have to put your insectophobia aside if you have one. Moving on, the quest will reward you with 6840z if you complete it successfully.

There is a window of 50 minutes to complete this quest and if you are unable to complete the quest, you will fail it. Similarly, if you faint three times during the quest, you will fail it. The hunter rank that you will need to complete the quest is 13 which you should have by now as you have already completed the quest that required 13 HR. Anyways, with the basics of the quest out of the way, let’s start the quest:
- As mentioned above, this is going to be a pretty simple quest. You will not have to go through the major hassle of finding the monsters at different places and then killing them. This is because the Barnos have two groups and each group has three monsters. So that means you will get enough Barnos to kill to complete the quest.

- So when it comes to finding the groups of these monsters, there are two places where you will find these groups. The first group can be found in the AREA 2. Whereas the second group of these monsters can be found the AREA 9.

- Once you find the monsters, it will be very easy to kill them. This is because you can easily slay these flying pests with ranged weapons. And if you provoke them enough, they will come under the range of the melee attacks as well. So killing them will not be an issue.

- Lastly, just keep in mind that you may find two big monsters Bazelgeuse and Azure Rathalos wandering in these areas so just avoid these monsters and focus of finding and killing the Barnos and you will be fine.

Once you have killed these monsters and have achieved the number you require to complete the quest, you will end the quest and will be rewarded with an adequate amount of 6480z.