Monster Hunter World - A Fiery Convergence Quest Guide

The quest is not that hard and should be completed in minutes if you know how to tackle both monsters. To know about the quest and how to complete it, you should read the guide given below:
This is a huge one. You will be facing a major threat in this quest and this is because you will have to hunt more than one monster. And unlike the usually quests where you have to hunt small monsters to complete a quest, you will be hunting two big monsters in this one. That is why you will be facing a major issue. The objective of the quest is to track and hunt two monsters named Lavasioth and Uragaan, yes you read it right. If you successfully complete the quest, you will get a reward that you have never ever gotten and that is 21600z which is HUGE.

Anyways, you will be given a window of 50 minutes to complete the quest and if you didn’t complete it in this time, you would fail the quest. You will also fail it if you faint three times during it and that can happen as you will be facing two monsters. Lastly, you will need a Hunter Rank of 13 or more to start the quest and you should have that by now as you have completed the quests that required the same level in the past.

So with the basics out of the way, let’s start the work:
- Although this quest may seem pretty easy after completing the previous two similar quests but the problem is that both Lavasioth and Uragaan do not share similarities like Rathalos and Azure Rathalos. So you will need to fight in different style with both monster. But, you can use this to your advantage and let them fight each other.

- Both of the monsters meet in the AREA 7 and AREA 11 so if they do meet in these areas, you can just stand back and let them fight each other and then rejoin the fight when they are separated. Or, if you want to fight them individually then you can always use the Dung Pod to make one leave and engage with the other one.

- The best thing that you can do is to first tackle the Uragaan in the non-fiery areas which are AREA 6, 5 and 2. And when you are done with it you can then focus on fighting with the Lavasioth. Just keep in mind that both of the monsters are weak to poison ailment so make sure to bring a poison weapon to make it easy to kill both of them.

Just fight both monsters while keeping these things in mind and you will be able to kill them quickly. Once you are done with them, the quest will end and you will be rewarded with a massive amount of 21600.