Monster Hunter World - Fungal Flexin' in the Ancient Forest Quest Guide

This is the second quest that is assigned to you and you need to complete it to progress the game. The quest is simple and does not require a lot of work. All you need to do is to go to some specific areas and get the mushrooms. If you follow the guide below, you will be able to complete this quest in no time.

Just make sure to carefully read each step and follow it accurately:
It is a simple gathering mission where you will have to collect 20 Gourmet Shroomcaps and will be rewarded 720z if you complete the quest. The time limit of the quest is 50 minutes and you will fail the quest if you either faint 3 times or exceed the time limit. You will not have to do any extra busy work in order to complete this mission. Just make sure that you harvest the correct material or it will not be counted towards the mission objective. With that being said, this simple objective is also a fine opportunity to do some exploration and learn more about the game and the map. You will also be faced with some monsters like Aptonoth, Jagras, and Mernos.

So you will learn to hunt as well. So now that you have the overview of the quest, let’s work on completing it:
- The Mushrooms that you are looking for are located in AREA 4. But the issue is that you can expect some Great Jagras and the flying beast Pukei Pukei. Therefore, before embarking on your quest, take the first aid kit with you.

- Once you get close to the AREA 4 which to the southeast of Ancient Forest, you may spot some monster, don’t try to engage with them. And even if they attack you, try to flee from there. Keep in mind; your main goal is the get the mushrooms.
- You may see a pink question mark on the map that will read “Unique Mushroom Colony”. It is a location the Ancient Forest where you can gather items. This is your first location.
- Collect the pink mushrooms from there. If the mushrooms run out, go somewhere else and then return as the mushrooms with respawn.

- Travel to the north towards the AREA 5 to get the final mushrooms.
- After getting all of the 20 mushrooms, you will be able to complete the quest and will get a reward of 720z in return.

These are some steps to get the 20 mushrooms and complete the quest. Just make sure to avoid monsters as much as you can and if a monster attacks you, try not to engage with them, just flee from there. Your main focus is on collecting the Gourmet Shroomcaps.