Monster Hunter World - Great Jagras Guide

If you want to know about the first monster of the Monster Hunter World including its attacks, strengths and weaknesses then you should read the guide given below. This guide will give you all the information you need to defeat the Great Jagras:

General Information:
The Great Jagras is the first large monster that you will fight. The monster is available in only two quests “The Great Jagras Hunt” and “Hard to Swallow.” But besides these quests, you may see it appearing in other quests as well but not as your main target. It is a Fanged Wyvern and comes in both Low Rank and High-Rank variants.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
When it comes to the strengths of the Great Jagras then this monster is only resistant to Water element and lest vulnerable to the Dragon element. But if we talk about the weaknesses of the monster, then firstly, its head and belly are highly vulnerable to the damage and its front limbs are somewhat less receptive but are still fine targets. And all of these parts are breakable as well. The good news for you is that this monster is highly vulnerable to all ailments. Also, it is highly weak against the Fire ailment and moderately weak against Thunder and Ice.

There are no preparations to be made for this monster but eating a good meal usually makes things easier when fighting it. The Great Jagras employs no elements and inflicts no ailments so you don’t have to worry about those as well. If you can, bring a fire element weapon as the monster is very vulnerable to it and utilize any ailment as all will do great damage.

This one is the weakest large monster in the game. It lacks the aggressiveness and speed but encompasses some noteworthy quirks. First of all, the Great Jagras preys upon the Aptonoth which plays into its combat habits. And when it is engorged, it will attack and move somewhat differently like adding the lunging belly flop attack and the barrel roll attack. If you strike its belly, you will be able to make it vomit. So then it will not be full on the Aptonoth and will then likely to retreat to its lair where it will join several other Jagras which are not much of a threat but will get in your way while you are fighting the Great Jagras.

Aside from its aforementioned attacks, it can perform a claw attack and also a bite attack and both of them are telegraphed beforehand. And speaking of the telegraphed attacks, if the monster rears back then it is likely that it will follow up with a charging bite attack which has a long range. Lastly, aside from these attacks, it can also use its tail to hit enemies standing behind it.