Monster Hunter World: How melting pot works


Once you delve deeper into the monster hunter world and complete the main quest, you’ll unlock an increasing number of vendors that you can use. All of the vendors you come by offer various resources in helping you improve your hunt. Be it botanical research garden or tailraiders; there’s always something that you can do. Eventually your struggles will bring fruit when you’ll be able to unlock the melting pot. But remember, it is not clear on my players how to make use of the pot.
This brief guide will help you understand how does melting work and how can you use it to obtain benefits.

What is the melting pot?
The melting pot looks like a giant cauldron that you may find in the center of Astera. This is a new vendor addition to the marketplace which gets unlocked sometime between the end of the coral highlands, and as you make progress into the Rotten Vale.

Complicated as it may seem initially, using a melting pot isn’t that difficult in reality. All you need are two items to use the pod. You can choose the item which you’d like to make and the second item will be used as fuel to make the desired item. This manner is extremely useful as it allows players to craft items that are normally very rare in the monster hunter world. For example, melting pot enables you to create some monster plate and monster marrow which are quite scanty in the entire game.
An item that you want to create is displayed on the left while the right side shows item to be used as a fuel. Cost of creating an item is shown in the middle.
Cost of items that you want to create
Nothing comes free in MHW. Similarly, the items that you want to make cost some research points and some melding points. While you may be familiar with research points, earning melding points requires burning down other items for use as fuel. The mega portion is a fine example of using melting pot.

It costs 20 research points and you can use any other item as a fuel. For three points, for example, you can use ore. Monster bone can be used for two points. Warped bone gives you ten points and many other items that give you a different number of points could be used as a fuel.

Since melting pot helps you create items, the best idea therefore is to craft items that aren’t usually available from a regular quest or monster hunt. Using the melting pot to create mega or max portions is only a waste of resources since both portions could be acquired fairly cheaply with a little research point.