Monster Hunter World: How to Get Thunder Sac?

The beauty of monster hunter word lies in the web of progression that links hunting monsters, farming materials, and making new and better gear from the player’s quests and missions. In almost every session of the game, players may find themselves searching for an ‘in-game’ item that will enable them to craft an improved version of the weapon to help them hunt a tougher monster.
One of the important crafting requirements you will see at the smithy is the thunder sac. The thunder sac is one of the important stuff that helps you landing critical damage to Nergigante and other thunder-vulnerable monsters. The key importance of thunder sac is that it is a key ingredient to craft the Lightning Punisher II, a great sword.
In this guide, you will learn what is thunder sac and how to get it.
How to Get Thunder Sac
To acquire a thunder sac, you will need to kill a Tobi-Kadachi. You can also do get a thunder sac by capturing the monster. But remember that not all levels of Tobi monster will give you a thunder sac.

- You will have to fight only high-rank Tobi-Kadachi to get the stuff. Therefore, the quest or the mission is supposed to be of at least six-stars rank in order for you have a serious chance at getting the thunder sac as this sac happens to be list among the high-rank reward only.
- In order to increases your chances of success, you should bring along a trap, whether shock trap or pitfall trap. Including some tranq bombs would be even better. The trick lies in the perfect timing of the trap. As soon as the Tobi-Kadachi is wounded, it will start heading back to the nest.

- Employ the pitfall trap on its way to immobilize it. Once the beast’s movement has been restricted, throw two tranq bombs on its face putting the monster to sleep and ending the quest.
- It is quite probable that you won’t get the thunder sac that you were looking for. In case such a situation arises, you can only load into another high-rank Tobi-Kadachi quest and try your luck one more time. As with other quests and rewards, using a lucky voucher will not only earn you more money than usual but will also guarantee that you receive all the random rewards that drop.

Go look for the Tobi-Kadachi quest in the arena as this would be the best place to fight the beast. Since you are playing this quest for the thunder sac, it would be a good idea to have other players join the team. But with a team, you won’t get as many rewards as would have been earned had you been playing on your own.