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    Monster Hunter World - Tobi-Kadachi Guide

    The Tobi-Kadachi is famous for being very fast. As it is a thunder monster so it makes sense for it to be extra fast. Anyways, if you want to know all the necessary things about this monster, refer to the guide given below: General Information: You will first come across the Tobi-Kadachi during...
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    Monster Hunter World: How to Get Thunder Sac?

    The beauty of monster hunter word lies in the web of progression that links hunting monsters, farming materials, and making new and better gear from the player’s quests and missions. In almost every session of the game, players may find themselves searching for an ‘in-game’ item that will enable...
  3. N

    Solved! Thunder bolt 3 usb c to display port?

    Hey guys, I just bought the dell g5 15 and it comes with a thunder bolt 3 usb c port. My monitor can push 144 hz with g sync. My question is will I be able to run g sync throw a thunderbolt 3 usb c port to DisplayPort cable . Thanks
  4. M

    Toshiba volume up not working

    I have a 55 inch toshiba tv, model 55L310U. After a thunder storm, the volume up, input and menu buttons wouldn’t work. I also can’t get my directv remote to program. Any solutions would be helpful. Thank you
  5. L

    Acer Aspire 6930, the screen shows red and blue strange lines

    Acer Aspire 6930, the screen shows red and blue strange lines (they look like thunder) and if I'watching a movie they move with the figures, on the windows home screen there is like a cloud coming up from the bottom left corner going to the center of the screen. Can you help with this problem...
  6. R

    will war thunder work on intel celeron processor

    I just got war thunder on steam because most of my friends play it together and i want to play too but I have a crappy Asus laptop with an Intel Celeron processor and I was wondering if i could play it at a good fps
  7. W

    Best torrent software?

    What's the best torrent software? I've tried uTorrent and it sucks big time. Yes the nice interface and small size is appreciated but the download speed is horrendous, and often gets stuck at 0 for no reason. I've even tried downloading the exact same torrent using uTorrent and Thunder at the...
  8. Nebby

    Mac book pro 2014 as capture device

    I was just curious if this was possible. I have a MbPro with 2 thunderbolt ports. I was wondering if I Could plug my Graphics card into one thunder port on the mac and plug the Monitor into the second thunder port and use the Mac as a pass thru. Then use software to record the pass thru. Kind of...
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    Looking for Thunder THC-2002 USB schematic/service manual.

    The front board is faulty somewhere, it made the mains transformer burn out. I found a new one, and the primary problem that caused the damage appeared. Few resistors start to smoke when power comes on, that's why I need to have the electrical scheme to find out where's the problem. Can someone...
  10. M

    sharp tv model lc42d64u stopped working during storm/is there a way to reset it

    Sharp model # lc42d64u turned off during thunder storm, will not come back on. Is it worth fixing ? If so, what part would i replace first.? It was plugged into a surge protector.
  11. M

    my panasonic hdtv viva 1080i went off durning a thunder storm and wont come back on,the power light and lamp light keeps flash

    I need to know what part I need to buy for my panasonic hdtv viva 1080i that went off durning a thunder storm,the power light and lamp light flash on and off but the tv wont come back on
  12. gamerxavier

    Looking for affordable audio system

    I expect to have much of it refurbished and expect certain things to come later. If at tall it's possible to put together a $200 audio system that will include 5.1 and a decent base. I can perhaps push to $300. But, likewise I think it could be done with refurbished stuff. If not... What would...
  13. B

    Woods surge suppressor warranty claim

    two - three year old 50" HDTV, protected by a single outlet IIIWoods surge suppressor, was fried by a thunder storm on Christmas morning. How do I make a claim on the surge suppressor warranty?
  14. A

    Trojan.agent found in Thunder Network

    Hi Guys, Like most of you, I use P2P clients like BitTorrent, EasyMule, and Thunder. I use all 3 because the sites I often visit have different types of links. The thing is, whenever I run Thunder for the first time after booting into Windows 7 64-bit, the system prompts me if I were to allow...
  15. JMcEntegart

    8-Bit Mad Men Game Hits YouTube

    Drinking, smoking, and stealing Peggy's thunder... Yep, they've hit the nail on the head! 8-Bit Mad Men Game Hits YouTube : Read more
  16. G

    DashLink: the iPhone Dock for your Harley

    Get your motor running, and head out on the highway. You'll be playing some heavy metal thunder while you're at it. DashLink: the iPhone Dock for your Harley : Read more
  17. exfileme

    VIDEO: Dell Thunder Prototype Fondled, Flipped

    Four months after details were leaked on the Internet, a Dell Thunder prototype was found in the wild. VIDEO: Dell Thunder Prototype Fondled, Flipped : Read more
  18. JMcEntegart

    Report: Pre to Steal new iPhone's Launch Thunder

    Ever since Palm showed off the Pre at CES back in January, Palm fans have been wondering when the supposed ‘iPhone killer’ is going to launch and recent rumors suggest we could see the Palm on June 7, just one day before we see the new iPhones. Report: Pre to Steal new iPhone's Launch Thunder ...
  19. G

    American Airlines Emergency Steals Airbus' Thunder At LAX

    Los Angeles (CA) - It was supposed to be a textbook landing to show off the new Airbus A380 flown by Emirates Air, but an American Airlines jet stole the spotlight. American Airlines Emergency Steals Airbus' Thunder At LAX : Read more