Monster Hunter World: How to Stop Bleeding?


Monster hunter world consists of numerous statuses that can either buff you or can seriously restrict your effectiveness in the middle of combat. One of many such effects is the bleeding effect while you are in the wild on a quest to encountering the beasts. You need to know the trick of how to stop your character from bleeding continuously because if you don’t, the bleeding may bluntly cripple you during the combat making you almost finished.
In this monster hunter world guide, you’ll be walked through the way to reduce bleeding, and save your health and stamina for the combat with a monster.
When does bleeding start?
You are likely to start bleeding when you encounter the powerful beast called Odogaron in the Rotten Vale. It is during a fight with the beast that you are likely to encounter the bleeding effect.
As soon as bleeding begins, you might want to stop it because bleeding is reducing your health and also negatively affects the health bar even when you move.

How to stop bleeding?
Sadly, your options from bleeding are restricted enormously. Choosing to run from danger means you’ll lose health as even moving while bleeding decreases the health and if you choose to stay, you are highly vulnerable to dying from a mere hit. Bleeding can be stopped in two ways in the monster hunter world.

1. The first method which is also the most typically applied way is standing still and crouching. To grovel and to stand still with your weapon sheathed, and pressing A or X button depending upon your console. It is important to remain crouched because this will eventually end the bleeding. And when the bleeding stops, you will be able to move freely without the risk of losing any more health. But just because you’ve stopped bleeding doesn’t mean you have regained your health fully. To get back the lost health, it is essential that you use a potion after stopping the bleeding.

2. The second method to end bleeding is by the use of Astera Jerky. When you are on a quest into the bowels of the vale, you’ll find some portions of Astera Jerky in the item box. Or you can purchase these portions before you go out on the quest. Eating Astera Jerky will immediately stop the bleeding and you can start fighting.

This method is quicker than crouching and you don’t have to risk life by waiting.
It is important to focus on stopping the bleeding as soon as it begins as it happens to be one of the most dangerous effects you are likely to get on a quest.