Monster Hunter World - Into the Bowels of the Vale Quest Guide

The quest Into the Bowels of the Vale is a different quest and does not involve plain and simple tracking and hunting or capturing. It required a bit of searching and then interaction with an unexpected monster. If you want to know more about the quest and how you can complete it, refer to the guide below:
This is a completely new quest and very different from the rest of the quests where you just have to find a monster and kill it. In this quest, you are not finding the monster, the monster finds you and then you need to flee from there. After that, you need to go back and kill the monster. So it’s more of an unexpected monster hunting. Anyways, the objective of the quest is to go deeper in the Rotten Vale to find the passage of Zorah Magdaros and then you will be faced with a monster so you will have to kill it.

If you successfully complete the quest, you will be given a reward of 5400z. The time limit of the quest is 50 minutes and if you do not complete the quest in this time, you will fail the quest. Also, if you faint three times, the quest will fail as well. The hunter rank required to complete this quest is eight which you should already have by now. So with everything out of the way, let’s start the work:
1. As the quest starts, you will find yourself into the depth of Rotten Vale in the AREA 11 adjoining the AREA 9 and 8 beyond the toxic mist. This area was once blocked off but now you can access the upper portion of Rotten Vale on foot where you will find the toxic mist. Or, you can go through a cave in the AREA 10 which will take you to AREA 2 without any hassle.

2. Anyways, jump down some of the ledges and then head downhill towards the southeast and into the AREA 12 where you will come across a cavern that will be filled with water. Continue going and be on the lookout for the passage of Zorah Magdaros and you will reach AREA 14.

3. There, after some chatter between the Handler and your hunter, a new monster Odogaron will appear. Now you will escape but after that, the Handler will tell you to return and fight the Odogaron. The legs, head and tail of the Odogaron are breakable and its head, tail and front paw are highly susceptible to damage.

4. Also keep in mind that the Odogaron is weak to the ice and paralysis ailment. If you make it angry, it will become very aggressive and quick. So make sure to keep these things in mind while fighting the Odogaron.

Once you have defeated the Odogaron, you can carve it and the quest will end. This will end the quest and you will be rewarded with an amount of 5400z.