Monster Hunter World - One for the History Books Quest Guide

The quest is very different than the previous ones where you used to hunt or capture monsters. You will get to create history in this quest and that’s why it is named like that. Anyways, if you want to know how you can complete this quest, then refer to the guide below:
Well, this one is very different than the quests that you have completed before. It requires you to do different things ranging from defending your base from Barnos to engaging with Zorah Magdaros. This one is bigger than all of the previous ones in terms of danger. Anyways, the objective of the quest is to defend your base and if you successfully complete this quest, you will be rewarded with 4320z which is a pretty high amount of zenny and you have only gotten this amount once from the previous quest. You need a Hunter Rank of 5 to start the quest which you should already have by now. You will have 50 minutes to complete the quest and it will fail if you either run out of time or faint three times. So with everything cleared, let’s dive into the quest:
1. As this quest starts, Zorah Magdaros will make an unexpected entrance. So at this part of the quest, you just need to attack the Zorah with the tools that are at your disposal at the moment. You will see some canons and ballistae as well. But you need the cannons to attack Zorah.

2. So pick up some cannon balls from their stores and then walk them to the cannon and load them. You can fire the cannon after it has five cannonballs in it. You can also shift the aim of the cannon by moving adjacent to the barrel.

3. After firing for a while, some Barnos will make an entrance that will complicate the matters. These are not too strong monsters and if you use the cannon balls at them and get hit, you will have to start the whole process of filling the cannon.

4. So it is best if you use the ballistae on the Barnos. Arm the ballistae by taking a bundle of bolts and then loading them in the device. Now mount the ballistae and then shoot down the Barnos. After finishing the Barnos, continue to shoot Zorah Magdaros with cannons until it reaches the barrier.
5. Once Zorah breaks the wooden wall, go to the southern-east end of the artillery area and climb onto the highest area. Then you can interact with hitching post to fly off and land onto the back of the Zorah Magdaros.

6. Now find the Magmacore, you will know you are close when the Handler starts to yap about it. When it showers you with fire, put it out and then keep attacking until you destroy the Magmacore. Now go to the eastern end of the elder dragon a scene will start.

Now after the scene, you will be faced with a large monster, don’t fight it, just keep it engaged until your fellow hunter arrive and then the quest will end which will give you a handsome amount of 4320z.