Monster Hunter World: What do Lucky Vouchers Do?


Upon logging into your monster hunter world game, you must have noticed that you get something
called the lucky voucher. But have you ever wondered what exactly a lucky voucher is? You must be curious to know what does it do? Though you may miss them sometimes among all the pompous tutorial screens, but the fact remains that lucky vouchers are a pretty useful thing. They tend to serve quite a unique purpose. Be certain to make a use out of them whenever you can because of all the benefits they carry with them.
This brief write-up is written as a guide for the players in the monster hunter world to help them know about the lucky vouchers. This guide will help you learn how to get and use the lucky vouchers to your advantage.
What are lucky vouchers?
These vouchers are basically what are called ‘single-use’ items and they ensure that the rewards earned through the quests are dropped. In other words, they turn the possibility of a reward being dropped into a sure thing. Additionally, these vouchers make the amount you receive for the quests double than you were to get without these vouchers.
This valuable item becomes even more valuable during high-rank quests. As you progress from lower rank quests to advance scale quests, finding rare reward items becomes difficult. Using lucky vouchers at this stage will earn you more rewards.

How to find and use a lucky voucher?
To use a lucky voucher, go to the nearest quest board and go through the motions of submitting a mission. When you reach there, you’ll see an ‘accept this quest?’ Screen. And just close to this screen, you’ll be able to see lucky vouchers which you can toggle on or off depending on if you or if you don’t want to use them on the given quest.

The lucky vouchers can also be used when you are playing monster hunter world with a friend.
Another use of lucky voucher is in the canteen where you can use these to buy meal so you don’t have to spend zenny or research points. However, this will deprive of your guarantee to get the rewards dropped for sure.

Collection of lucky vouchers
To collect your lucky vouchers, all you need do is to log into your monster hunter world every day regularly. When you reach Astera, a prompt will pop-up on the bottom right of your screen with a caption ‘Login Bonus: Get your log in bonus’. Clicking on the corresponding button will get you your bonus item in addition to the lucky vouchers.

Since you can carry a maximum of five lucky vouchers at one time, it is of no use to hold them for too long. Therefore, the best advice is to use them on those high-rank quests which you know you can complete so that you can get your rewards.