Monster Hunter World: What is elderseal?

The toughest fights that the players get to fight in monster hunter world are against some really large monsters. These elder monsters are truly the fiercest creatures you’re likely to come by in the MHW. The larger the beast, the more powerful their hit is going to screw with your health. Quite often players fail the quest because of these small mistakes.
Due to their immense power, it is quite a challenge to avoid a hit from them. In order for a hunter to avoid these hits, you may want to have some of elderseal. What is an elderseal and how can you find it is what this guide is about.

What is elderseal?
An elderseal in monster hunter world serves as a mechanic that reduces the buildup of an elder beast’s attack. A weapon with a higher rating on elderseal would have a greater chance against defending the attack of an enraged monster. However, the defense will be effective only in relation to that particular attack. Every weapon that contains elderseal will also have a rating displayed next to it. The following could be the ratings of a weapon on an elderseal weapon
Which Elder Dragons are Affected by Elderseal?
Out of seven elder dragons in the monster hunter world, three are totally immune to the elderseal. The elderseal mechanic has absolutely no effect on Zorah Magdoras, Nergigante, and Xeno’jiiva. Therefore, choosing an elderseal rated weapon against these beasts isn’t of much help. Putting these three beasts’ side, the elderseal is quite effective against the following four monsters
- Kirin – against this monster, the elderseal tends to reduce the thunder armor that hardens its body

- Kushala Daora - the wind aura of the beast is reduced by elderseal

- Teostra – elderseal reduces the protective fire of the monster against itself

- Vaal Hazak - Reduces the effluvia buildup

How to effectively employ elderseal rated weapon?
Just because you have a weapon that has an elderseal won’t help you a lot. For that weapon to be beneficial, you need to learn how to use it at the right time. And the right time is when you see a monster coming up with an attack against which the elderseal is particularly effective. For example, when Teostra monster starts building up to fire around its body, the use of an elderseal weapon at this time will reduce this. This should stop the beast from enraging further and make the fight easier for you and your friends.
Likewise, it is reasonable to use the elderseal against the other two monsters and their particular attacks against which the elderseal provides defense.
What About Nergigante and Xeno'jiiva?
It can’t be said with surety that the elderseal isn’t effective against their attacks but no evidence is suggestive of the elderseal’s effectiveness on these. But still a 100% claim of elderseal’s futility against these two monsters cannot be made.