Monster Hunter World: Where to find poison sac?


In monster hunter world, there are many things that could get you killed in almost no time. One of these is some of the deadliest poisons found in different places in the monster hunter world.
Before you get poisoned, it seems pretty reasonable to know how to manage to cure that? This is a brief guideline that helps you find poison sac for needs in an emergency.
Poison Sac
This is one of the many ailments available to players in monster hunter world to apply to their weapons. Poison effect is one of the many popular choices.
If you are looking to upgrade your weapons to include poison, you must also be searching for the poison sacs. A poison sac is apparently a very rare material that is required for the upgrade.

Where to find poison sacs
Poison sac is an important ingredient in the making of poison-based weapons, and players will need to craft them anyway in order to successfully finish upgrading trees. The poison sacs are basically a rare drop from the Pukei-Pukei which is actually a large giant found in the Ancient Forest.

Best way to craft poison sacs
The most suitable and promising method to find poison sacs is going on investigations that involve hunting down the Pukei-Pukei monster. It shouldn’t be any problem if you can’t see the investigation as you can easily earn one by simply following the monster on the footprints the beast leaves behind. Also, you may track its mucus, and feathers to earn the desired investigation. The trick is basically to collect as many clues as one can as this will help unlock more investigations.
You can get the Pukei-Pukei in another manner. In order to set off on the said journey, go to the resource center located in Astera, and talk to one of the three NPCs. Go the ‘investigations’ and under that look for an investigation requires taking down a Pukei-Pukei monster.

A suggestion for the players is that they should be looking for such investigations as end up in more and better reward drops such as bronze, silver, and gold. An investigation that gives you a gold award will be more difficult than the others but it will surely have a better chance of dropping off the poison sac upgrade item.

While you are going out on the investigation, it is advised that you eat a meal from the canteen and apply a lucky voucher if you have it in spare. Advance preparations for the hunt are always good as they help ensure the most favorable outcome as well as how the players decide to take down the Pukei-Pukei for its poison sacs.
The better solution is to try to capture the monster alive if possible using a shock trap or pitfall trap. This results in more post-result rewards. Following these guidelines will definitely earn you all the poison sacks you need.