MS Word Replaces the Words Even in Upper/Lower Case

When talking about MS Word, it is true that the application ignores the text cases, and searches for and replaces the words even if they are in uppercase or lower case. Although this feature is integrated in MS Word to make the search and replacement process user friendly and comfortable, this might sometimes be annoying when users want to replace the words that have certain cases (lower case or upper case).

Since MS Word ignores the case levels according to its default configuration, if you, as an end-user, want to search for and replace a certain word with specific cases (uppercase for example), you must tell the application to do so. You can tell MS Word to search for a specific word with upper case only by making some additional configurations which requires a few additional clicks.

For example, by default MS Word would treat ‘a’ and ‘A’ as a same character and would replace it with ‘the’ if set so. On the other hand, when the additional modifications are made, the application would replace only ‘A’ with ‘the’ and will leave ‘a’ alone.

Although the above example sounds a bit confusing, you will learn the difference and the way MS Word behaves with additional configurations in just a minute.

Below is the process using which you can specify a word that you want to be replaced only if it matches the upper case (for example):

    ■Log on to the computer on which the modifications are to be made in the document.

    ■Locate and open the Word document in which you want to make the replacement.

    ■On the opened interface, press Ctrl+H keys simultaneously to initiate the Find and Replace box.

    ■In the Find what field, type the word in the lower case.

    ■In the Replace with field, type the same word having the target character in the upper case.

    ■Click the More button.

    ■From the expanded options, check the Match case checkbox.


    ■Click the appropriate buttons to find and replace the specified words in the entire document.

Note: With this type of advanced configuration, you can simply press the Replace All button without worrying that any wrong word would get replaced.
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