Pause Live TV with Roku TV

Roku has a feature that you can use to pause live TV for up to 90 minutes while switching to a digital channel. This will enable you to quickly rewind and catch up on all that you missed out on.
The live TV pause feature can be accessed within the Antenna TV input of your Roku TV and requires a dedicated USB 2.0 compatible flash drive with about 16 GB of storage space. The storage space is a requirement for recording videos.
Enabling Live TV Pause On Roku
1. Once you have the Antenna TV set up, from the Home screen, scroll down to settings and tap on it.

2. A sub-window will appear. Tap on the Network button and go to the right part of the screen.

3. From there, scroll down to TV inputs. Navigate to the right where you will see the Antenna TV option.

4. Navigate right again from the Antenna TV option and scroll down until you see the Live TV Pause button.

Enable Live TV pause from this area if it is not yet activated. This is the part where the 16GB USB flash drive is required. The USB must be plugged into the USB port just at the back of your TV.
Note: Larger USB devices with more space will not increase the record/pause time beyond 90 mins.
5. Make sure you have the Live TV pause enabled.
6. Next click Set Up Live TV Pause to begin the Live TV pause feature. Then click on continue to start.

Please take note that at this point the Live TV Pause feature will run as long as there is a 16GB USB device attached to the port. Live TV will also format the USB flash drive, clearing it of any previous storage.
7. Once you have enabled the Play Pause button, go back to the Home screen where you will now see the Antenna TV option. Click on the Antenna TV button to begin using the Play Pause button on the remote control. You can begin to rewind and fast forward shows at this point.

Please take note that if your Roku TV has just one USB port, you will have to alternate between USB drives to use Live TV Pause and personal media files like photos and music.
If your Roku TV has multiple ports, please ensure that only the USB drive for Live TV Pause is inserted in any of the ports during the formatting process. After formatting has concluded, you can add other USB drives for your personal use.
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