PC Turns Off Automatically after Compressing through WinRAR

Well!! If you are facing such issue, believe me it is not actually an issue. In fact it is one of the configuration options that WinRAR has. This option has been made available in WinRAR in order to allow the users to sleep sound if they have initiated a lengthy compression process, and are tired enough to sit in front of the computer screen just to wait for the process to get complete.

If you have not enabled this feature on purpose, there might be a chance when any third-party application have automatically modified the configuration, or you have accidentally misconfigured your copy of WinRAR software application. In either case, you can disable this feature during your next compression process.

In this tutorial you will learn how you can rectify this so-called issue in case you are getting annoyed with this behavior of WinRAR and the way your computer reacts because of this strange behavior. However it is always a good practice to keep saving your unsaved data before performing any compression task. Not only the compression process, but you must always save your unsaved data before performing any task.

Below are the instructions that will guide you through the process of enabling or disabling the automatic computer turn off feature after the WinRAR completes its compression process:

    ■Log on to Windows computer on which WinRAR is to be reconfigured.

    ■Locate the target folder that is to be compressed. (In case you want to disable or enable the feature but do not want to compress any folder, you can still follow these instructions to get the task done. Once WinRAR is configured as per your requirements, you can delete the compressed file that you have just created to change the settings.)

    ■Once the target folder is located, right-click the folder.

    ■From the displayed context menu, click Add to archive option.


    ■On the opened Archive name and parameters box, go to the Advanced tab.

    ■Under the System section, check or uncheck the Turn PC off when done checkbox to enable or disable the automatic turning off the PC feature respectively.


    ■Finally click OK to start the compression process normally.

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