Recreate Your iTunes Library

You can recreate your iTunes library by moving the iTunes Music Library.xml file to a different location, removing the iTunes Library.itl from your Windows account’s My Music\iTunes folder, and then importing the iTunes Music Library.xml file back to iTunes as an imported playlist.

Once your iTunes library is recreated, you can use the library and the songs it contains normally.

Note: Recreating your iTunes library is a part of troubleshooting. Therefore, you should attempt to recreate the library only if the current library gets corrupted, and/or its configuration is completely messed up.

Steps below will help you recreate your iTunes library:-

    ■Log on to your Windows computer. (E.g. Windows 7 in this demonstration.)
    ■From the desktop window, click the Start button.
    ■From the Start menu that appears, click Music.

    ■Once the Music library window opens up, double-click the iTunes folder.

    ■In the iTunes window, move the iTunes Music Library.xml file to a different location (E.g. Desktop in this demonstration) either by dragging and dropping the file, or using the Windows’ Cut and Paste feature.

    ■Once this is done, right-click the iTunes Library.itl file from the iTunes folder.
    ■From the displayed context menu, click Delete.

    ■On the Delete File confirmation box, click Yes to provide your consent to continue.

    ■After deleting the file, close the opened window, and go to the desktop screen.
    ■From the available icons, double-click iTunes to launch the application.
    ■On the opened iTunes window, from the menu bar, click the File menu from the top-left corner.
    Note: If the menu bar is not available, click the Options icon (icon with the black and white blocks) from the top-left corner of the screen, and from the displayed options, click Show Menu Bar.
    ■From the displayed menu, go to Library, and click Import Playlist from the submenu that appears.

    ■From the Import window, browse, locate, and select the iTunes Music Library.xml file that you exported in step 5.
    ■Finally click Open to recreate your iTunes music library.