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  1. rebjane20

    Config.xml and flags.xml -- delete ok??

    Making space for ZTE. In My Files it shows config.xml, flags.xml. and. (6) popupconfig.xml. Can i delete these or are they part of a program that. Needs to stay there?? AND-- dmc.txt ?? I need to know what these are for or if we dont need them. I want to delete them to add more space...
  2. W

    Solved! clone my Windws 7 C-drive (74 GB) to new larger drive (1TB)

    and have it boot up off new larger drfive It will not do this with several s/w used (AEOMI Backer Upper, Mini Tools, XML Imaging,
  3. M

    Solved! Internet not working

    Internet connection not working on my laptop. N it's states as connected but the error mesag states as function httpgetasync(the URL callback( car XML http =new xml http request xmlhttp.onreadystatechsnge=function n continue for 4 lines... Please help me out to fix thz issue
  4. N

    Larger print for my email

    my email is printed so small, I cannot read it
  5. X

    I cannot uninstall a software.

    I was trying to uninstall cyberlink powerdirector 12 from my computer but it says skrset.xml is missing, i decided to delete all the files manually but powerdirector is still listed in my installed app, when i try to reinstall, it says that it's already installed and i can't install it.
  6. R

    Corrupted word document - XML correction

    Hi, I need your help I cannot access an important word document (more than 200 hours of work...). I kept that file on a USB key and I discovered that there are no previous version available in that case... I only got an old back-up saved manually... I tried many solutions : changing extension...
  7. sagooding

    Help to read XML file into C++ Environment

    Good day all, I need some help with how to read an XML data file into C++ environment and process it. and then output a table to a CSV file. Any help or advice with respect to what to do generally or which the libraries to use in C++ to be able to do this would be helpful. Thank you in...
  8. J

    Driveimage xml restore

    Hello, I would like to restore a backup I made using driveimage xml. I am fine with the normal way of doing the process, but I lost the xml file. Is there a way I can restore a drive image (.dat file) using terminal? If not I created a different backup that I can share the data on it and maybe...
  9. T

    asus k450j laptop

    My asus laptop struck while turn on its said error C0000034 applying update operatuon 1827 of 126020(Specialize.xml)What would solve this problem?
  10. R

    How can I download flash xml activity for use offline?

    I would like to use activities offline with a student who doesn´t have an internet connection. I have no trouble downloading swf through Firefox addons etc but this link has an xml extension. Even with apparently all the components of the page I still can´t get it...
  11. viveknayyar007

    Recreate Your iTunes Library

    You can recreate your iTunes library by moving the iTunes Music Library.xml file to a different location, removing the iTunes Library.itl from your Windows account’s My Music\iTunes folder, and then importing the iTunes Music Library.xml file back to iTunes as an imported playlist. Once your...
  12. M

    I installed MS 2010 pro plus in my win7. But when its in the middle of installation a dialog box appears saying i need to sele

    I installed MS 2010 pro plus in my win7. But when its in the middle of installation a dialog box appears saying i need to select the location of the source file of this (access.en-us\....branding.xml) is from.. what do i do next???
  13. A

    batch file will not copy needed files

    this is the code i am using an di can not seem to get it to copy the files i need @echo off Color a md %~d0\networksettings md %~d0\networksettings\wireless md %~d0\networksettings\wired cd/ copy "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Wlansvc\Profiles\Interfaces\*.xml"...
  14. G

    How can i test and deploy servlet in tomcat 7.0

    Hello, i want to test and deploy servlet examples in tomcat 7.0 without making any changes in web.xml file.please help me.
  15. G

    Open Office XML Expected To Be Announced ISO Standard This Week

    Chicago (IL) - Rumors about a possibly "shocking" announcement by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) scheduled for this week began spreading across the Internet on Monday: Open Office XML format could finally reach the end of its standards odyssey and become a global...
  16. G

    U.S. To Approve OOXML For ISO Standard

    Doug Mahugh, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft specializing in Office client interoperability and the Open XML file format, posted a blog entry on Friday which summarized recent developments for the standardization of Office Open XML (OOXML). U.S. To Approve OOXML For ISO Standard : Read more
  17. G

    setting mail options with provisioning xml file

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hello! I would really appreciate any help to solve the following problem: I have created an email account using a XML provisioning file. The only issue I cannot solve, is to set the listbox in the e-mail options dialog (Options 3/3)...
  18. G

    Problem with DMProcessConfigXML

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hello! I have a strange problem using DMProcessConfigXML. I want DMProcessConfigXML to process some XML files sequentially. Therefor I store in a ascii file the names of the XML files, line per line: File1.xml File2.xml Then I...
  19. G

    XML viewer for PPC?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Since upgrading my ipaq 2215 to the latest ROM, PIE no longer displays XML like it's desktop counterpart. I regularly view XML files -- how can I on the Pocket PC? When I open the document now, it basically shows a blank screen...