Corrupted word document - XML correction


Jul 22, 2015
I need your help I cannot access an important word document (more than 200 hours of work...).
I kept that file on a USB key and I discovered that there are no previous version available in that case... I only got an old back-up saved manually...
I tried many solutions : changing extension, open and repair, insertion in a new document, opening the file in another computer, recovery softwares....
I have finally been abled to extract and gain access to the "document.xml" file which have a CRC error by using Universalextractor.
=> However I'm not familiar to this XML language, and all the tags are in the same line which complicates the reading in Notepad++...
Firefox and show errors, but I can't success in rectifying them..
Could anyone familiar to XML have a look ? I would be extremely grateful ! Thanks!
notabene : I don't know how to enclose a file or a zip in this post..