Repair corrupt HTTP downloads without re-downloading the entire file.

With the emergence of high speed broadband it slightly bothers us if our downloads become corrupt; but if you have a slow internet connection like me (1Mbps) and the downloaded file becomes corrupt, specially big ones; it becomes really annoying and time consuming to re-download the entire file from beginning. So, is there a solution to this problem? Can that corrupt file be repaired without actually re-downloading the entire file? The answer is yes.

Often HTTP downloads become corrupt while using multi-linked download managers. The error usually occurs when the multiple downloaded parts are appended to a single file.On the other hand, bit-torrent downloads never get corrupt (unless the initial seeder itself has a corrupt file) because of the hash checks of individual pieces.

We also know how incomplete torrent downloads can be carried around in removable media and can be resumed later by adding the correct torrent (same info hash) to the bit-torrent client and and browsing for the file location where the incomplete file was saved (make sure the file has not been renamed). In such a case the bit-torrent client will perform a verification of the file which was present previously and will resume the download afterwards.We will use the same ability of bit-torrent clients to repair our corrupt downloads.

For this tutorial I am downloading an android x86 image file:


After the download is complete I tried to run that image in Virtualbox and find out that the image has failed the integrity check and is corrupt.

So now I will repair this file without re-downloading the entire file again.

- Open your web browser and navigate to

- On the landing page of the website; paste the URL of the file to be re-downloaded and hit burn.


- After a while your file will be burned and converted to a torrent which you can download and add to the bit-torrent client of your preference.


- As soon as you add the torrent file to the bit-torrent client you will be asked for the location to save the file, just browse for the folder with the corrupt file in it and click; select folder, then click OK.


- After the torrent client verifies the file, you can clearly see the missing/corrupt pieces.


- Let the remaining download complete and enjoy.

Note: Because of the limitation of only files with direct HTTP downloads are supported.

- f3rmion
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