Request an Introduction on LinkedIn

While using your LinkedIn profile and exploring other LinkedIn users, you may come across someone who may be able to provide advice or help you in your career. If you don't want to reach out to them directly, you can ask someone you know to introduce you to them.

In order to request an introduction, the person you want to be introduced to must be your 2[super]nd[/super] or 3[super]rd[/super] degree LinkedIn connection.

The process given below explains how you can request an introduction with any of your 2nd or 3rd degree LinkedIn connections:

    ■Sign in to your LinkedIn account using any web browser.
    ■On the Home page, search and locate the target user with whom you want to get introduced to. (E.g. Vivek Nayyar in this demonstration)
    ■On the target user’s profile, click the down arrow button from the upper section.

    ■From the available list, click the Get introduced option.

    ■On the Inbox interface, click the Who should make the introduction drop-down list.
    ■From the displayed connections list, select the mutual connection through which you want to get introduced with the target user.
    ■In the description field, type the message/reason for the requested introduction.
    ■Finally click the Ask for an introduction button from the bottom to make a request for the introduction.