Restore Windows 8 after Downgrading to Windows 7

If you have downgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 7 and want to go back to the newer operating system, it's as simple as reinstalling Windows 8. However, you must confirm that you are within your rights to reinstall Windows 8 without violating the terms and conditions you agreed to.

You can follow the process below to restore Windows 8 back to your computer after downgrading to Windows 7:

    ■Turn on your Windows 7 computer.
    ■Insert the Windows 8 installation DVD in the optical drive.
    ■Go to the BIOS.
    Note: Depending on the vendor of your motherboard, the key to enter the system BIOS may vary.
    ■From the BIOS Setup Utility window, under the Boot tab, set CD-ROM Drive as the first booting device.

    ■Press F10 and then press Enter to save the changes and reboot the computer with the Windows 8 installation DVD.
    ■Once the operating system boots from the DVD, click Next from the Install Windows interface.
    ■Click Install now on the next opened window.

    ■On the Please read the license and terms window, read the license & terms carefully, check the I accept the license and terms checkbox, and click Next.

    ■Click Custom (Advanced) from the Which type of installation do you want window.

    ■Once the Where do you want to install Windows window comes up, click to choose the partition where the previous version of Windows has been already installed.

    ■Click OK on the displayed warning box to start the installation.

    ■Thereafter, you must follow the on-screen instructions to complete and finalize the Windows 8 restoration process.