Set up Minecraft for Oculus Rift

Minecraft is one of the most popular computer games around today, and many believe the game would work well with the Oculus Rift DK2. Developers have not yet gotten around to making Minecraft compatible with the Rift on its own, but you can download a mod called Minecrift (not a typo) to help you install the game. Then, you can enjoy Minecraft in 3D.

Step 1: Install Minecraft and launch the launcher. Select “Edit Profile” and change the use version field to “Use Version 1.7.10.” Then save the profile. Select Play, and then quit the game. This step facilitates the use of the Minecrift mod with the game.

Step 2: Download the Minecrift 1.7.10 PRE3 Installer online. Remove .txt from the downloaded file so it will not pop up in text format.

Step 3: Run the Minecrift installer. Don’t check the “Install with Forge” box. If you want binaural audio, you can select that field. If a prompt pops up to ask if you have installed the game correctly, just click cancel.

Step 4: Download the MSVC++ 2010 redistributables, which is a visual service pack from Microsoft. This helps you run the game accurately.
Step 5: Launch Minecrift and select “Edit Profile.” Change the “Use version” field to “release minecrift-1.7.10-PRE3” and then save the profile.

Step 6: Turn on your Oculus Rift DK2 and set it to Extended Mode. Activate the DK2 as the primary monitor and move the Minecraft window over to the DK2. Using your Rift, select “Play” on the Minecraft launcher.

Recap: There are a number of steps to follow to install the Minecrift mod for your Rift. You will also need to download a few software components. Once you do this successfully, you will be able to play Minecraft in 3D like no one else has experienced before.