Set Up Your Android Wear Watch

After unboxing your new Android smartwatch, you'll want to set it up. As soon as the watch is powered on for the first time, you are displayed with the initial setup interface and all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions and provide your details in the available fields.

Here is how:

    ■If the smartwatch is not already charged, plug it in for charging.
    ■When the watch is started (which it does as soon as it is connected to the charger), from the first screen that appears, tap to select the language that you want to set in your watch.

    ■After this, download and install Android Wear on your Android smartphone.
    ■Turn on Bluetooth in your phone.
    ■Tap the Android Wear icon from the menu to launch the app.
    ■When opened, on the android wear window, under Let’s get you set up, tap the right arrow (Right arrow within the green circle) to proceed.

    ■Tap Accept from the bottom-right corner of the next window.

    ■On the opened Choose a device interface, tap G WATCH D34D (name of the smartwatch).

    ■Once selected, tap Pair from the Bluetooth pairing request box.

    ■Tap green circle from the Pairing code screen of the smartwatch.

    Note: Make sure that pairing keys are same on the both devices.
    ■Once done, follow the on-screen instructions on your Android Wear device to set up your smartwatch.


After your smartwatch is properly set up, you can start using it normally.