Stardew Valley “Robin’s Request” Story Quest

Story Quest Information:
Quest Name: Robin's Request
Quest Text: Robin needs 10 pieces of Hardwood
Provided by: Mail, Winter 21
Requirements: Bring Robin 10 Hardwood
Reward: 500g, 1 Friendship heart

Stardew Valley is the virtual cultivating world; it is huge amounts of fun, and the quests are an essential part of the game. The quests are a measure of the progress that you have made in the game. The more quest you finish; the more progress you will make in the game. I have seen players stall out on one, or two missions, and this can impede having fun. The quests can appear like an aggravation, while the further developed ones are trying to settle.

The Stardew Valley “Robin’s Request” Story Quest is one of those that falls into the nuisance category, for some, the quest distracts you from enjoying the game. The Quest may seem like a nuisance, but is an integral part of the game, and is designed so that you can learn the basics of the game.

You'll trigger this journey on the 21st of winter, amid the last stretch of your first year. Robin will send you a letter requesting ten bits of Hardwood. This is a moderately simple undertaking.

1. If on the off chance that you've just redesigned your Ax then you are fine. If not, you have some work to do. Hardwood is accumulated by separating the tree stumps on your property, and to do that will require you to have a Copper Ax at least. To get a Copper Ax, you'll have to take the following things to Clint:

2. Five Copper Bars. Each Bar requires five Copper Ores, which you can cultivate in the Mines quickly, and one bit of Coal, which you'll discover by separating rocks. Put these things in a Furnace, and you'll have a Copper Bar about a moment later.

3. 2,000 gold. The gold can be found in any number of ways. You will have to decide the best one for you, and go with it. Mine is a rich source of gold, or you can trade things for money. Whatever you decide; the 2000 gold will take a very long time to earn.

4. The best way is to save a few gold pieces every day. This will also help you on a rainy day.

5. Once you have the copper Ax, meander around your property and crush up any tree stumps you find to get the Hardwood. Gather ten pieces and take them to Robin for your Journal reward of 500 gold.

To collect your reward, you will need to open your journal (This can be done by either pressing J on your keyboard, or by clicking on the exclamation mark below the gold total. Once you are in the Journal, click on the reward at the bottom of your “Robin’s request,” and voila you have completed the quest

Stardew Valley “Robin’s Request” Story Quest Guide, is designed to help you complete the “Robin’s request” quest. The quest is simple and easy to complete. If you get lost along the way, you can always come back to the guide to see where you went wrong.

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