Stardew Valley - How to upgrade your Farm and Farmhouse

The Farm and the Farmhouse are the places that you will spend the most time in Stardew Valley. Therefore it is important to make the place you live in as comfortable as possible. To make that come true you need a lot of materials and a lot of gold. So it is not possible to do all of the upgrades in year one as it takes a long time to gather enough gold and materials but fear not as there are a few ways in which you can progress forward much faster than by actually grinding out gold the whole year by farming.
Let’s first discuss the farmhouse. The farmhouse is where you sleep and where most of the operations start like making Mayo and making Cheese. There are 3 upgrades that can be made to the house the first is the basic upgrade which unlocks the kitchen and fridge and allows you to cook your food and store it in the fridge. It costs 10,000 gold and 450 wood and it is needed if you want to get married in Stardew Valley. The second upgrade makes the house bigger and allows you to either have or adopt children. This upgrade costs 50,000 gold and 150 hardwood. The third upgrade unlocks the cellar which you can use to age certain products such as cheese and alcohol and aged products sell for a lot more than normal products. This upgrade costs 100,000 gold.
That is it for the house and it pretty useful every upgrade, now for the different farm buildings which you can build on your farm. There are 12 different building which you can have Robin the carpenter build.
Barn: The barn is where you can keep cows, and you can get cheese from them. The building costs 6000 gold, 350 wood and 150 stone.

Big Barn: This is the upgrade to the barn and allows you to keep goats as well as the cows and it upgrades the space as well so that you can hold 8 animals at once. The upgrade costs 12000 gold, 450 wood and 200 stone.

Deluxe Barn: This is the upgrade to the big barn and it unlocks sheep and pigs. It increases the capacity to 12 animals and it needs 25000 gold, 550 wood and 300 stone.
Coop: Allows you to purchase and keep 4 chickens. Costs 4000 gold, 300 wood and 100 stone.
Big Coop: this upgrade to the coop allows you to get ducks. It also gives you the space for 8 animals. It also includes an incubator which you can use to birth more chicks and ducklings. The upgrade costs 10000 gold, 400 wood and 150 stone.
Deluxe Coop: The Deluxe Coop is the upgrade to the big coop and it unlocks rabbits. It also increases the animal capacity to 12. It costs 20000 gold, 500 wood and 200 stone.
Silo: This is one of the most important buildings as it stores the hay you get from cutting grass. It can hold 240 hay and it costs 100 gold, 100 stone, 10 clay and 5 copper bars.

Slime Hutch: This building allows you to keep slimes and they give you slimeballs. It costs 10000 gold, 500 stone, 10 refined Quartz and 1 Iridium Bar.
Stable: Allows you to raise and ride a horse. It costs 10000 gold, 100 hardwood and 5 Iron bars.

Well: It gives you a convenient place to refill your watering can. It costs 1000 gold and 75 stone.
Mill: This building creates flour from wheat and sugar from beets. It costs 2500 gold, 50 stone, 150 wood and 4 cloth.

Shed: It is a building where you can store machinery and chests. It costs 15000 gold and 300 wood.
These are the structures that you can build if you are farming and remember, each structure has its own capacity, material requirement and benefits so choose wisely.