Stardew Valley Mine Guide How to Get Ore and Not Die

Mining in Stardew Valley is not a piece of cake, it may be easy for first few levels but as you advance in the game, it will become very difficult. And the worst thing is that if you die, you will be penalized and will lose all of the collected items from the mine. Therefore, this guide will help you in surviving the mine. So let’s start:
The most important thing that cannot be stressed enough is to always bring food with you whenever you go for mining. As you probably know that monsters in mines take a lot of HP and mining itself can take your HP, so this is the only way to get more ore and not die in the process. If possible, take cheese with you as cheese restores 450 HP and you can even get it from your barn if you have cheese processing machine.

Luck is Important:
Make sure to check out the Fortune Teller on Television to know your luck before going into the mines. Enemies also drop items in mine. If you visit the mine when you have good luck then you can find a lot of items from enemies very frequently. Also, you will get a lot more valuable minerals and ores if you visit the mine on your lucky day.

Set Hotkeys for Combat:
It is always better to set the hotkeys for combat when you are visiting the mine. Set the hotkey for sword near your WASD keys to quickly take it out and attack rapidly on the monsters with your sword. This is crucial for your survival as you need to be fast when it comes to combat in mines. Also, keep the hotkey for health items within the range of your fingers. This way, if you run out of health during the combat, you can immediately get your health up.
Leave Before Passing Out:
If you work in the mines till 2 am then you will pass out and because of that, you may lose your collected items. So what you can do to avoid passing out is to leave the mines at exactly 1 am, this way, you will have one hour to reach your home and avoid passing out. Leave at 1 am by building a staircase and then get the bus to reach your home before 2 am.
Utilize the Block Feature:
Your sword has a block feature. Use this block attack on enemies to kill them without taking much damage easily. Also, use a block with your sword to freeze the flying monsters and then kill them. Because without blocking the flying monsters it will get hard for you to kill them. And they will keep on taking your health. Therefore, you will have a good chance of surviving the mines if you use block feature.

Till the Soil:
Use a hoe to till the soil in mines to get cave carrots that can be a great source to get HP especially when you are out of food items. Also you can get minerals and artifacts by tilling the soil that can be used to complete the museum or to sell them for a decent amount of gold.

Save Bombs:
Bombs are a great tool for clearing out a lot of stones at once and also killing a few enemies at once. But the better use of a bomb is when you use it in the Skull Cavern. This is because there are a lot of mummies in the Skull Cavern and killing them with a sword is very difficult. So use the Bomb to kill those mummies and survive the Skull Cavern.

This is it; these tips will definitely help you taking the ore to home and not dying along the way. With these tips, you will not only be able to collect more ore, but also survive in the mines longer.
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