Stardew Valley - Skull Cavern Guide

The Skull Cavern is one of the places in the game that is never-ending. There is no player in the world that has reached the end of the Skull Cavern as of yet.

Many people believe there is no end and it just keeps looping but perhaps you will be the one to prove them wrong and find the end? Before you do that however, you will need to know a few things about the Skull Cavern and what it entails.
The Skull Cavern can be found in the upper left of the desert. There are two things that you need to do unlock the Skull Cavern. The first thing that you need to do is to unlock the bus that will take you to the desert. That means completing the bundle in the Community Center which repairs the bus. After you have done that Pam will drive you to the desert where you can find coconuts and cactus fruit as well as a store and a casino.

The second thing that you need to do is to reach the bottom of the mines. This is tougher than the bundle because it involves a lot of fighting and there will be times that you will be knocked out but it very much doable if you do 5 levels a day. After you reach the end of the mines you will see a chest before you and once you open that it will give you the key for the cavern.

Once you have unlocked the cavern you can enter but be warned that this is nothing like the mines.

The enemies inside are much tougher and can knock you out very quickly. It is advised that you go with a good weapon such as the lava katana or the galaxy sword as they will dispatch enemies quite quickly. The difference between the mines and the cavern becomes apparent once you notice the holes in the floor of the cavern.

The holes are basically shortcuts that can take you many levels deeper but they can cause damage to you so you will need to keep some healing items on you. The cavern also gives you items to heal and restore your energy but not as much as the mines.
The cavern is a great place to find Iridium because after every ten floors the chance to find ores of iridium increases and once you are below level 20 you will find iridium almost everywhere. The enemies in the cavern are tough and will get tougher the deeper that you go but the upside to this is that the enemies can drop iridium when they die. There is a chance for them to drop ore and even bars. In fact the Skull Cavern is the best place to find iridium in the game.
The cavern is also an excellent place to use bombs as they clear out rocks very quickly and can reveal ladders. Always keep snacks on you as you will get hit a lot but you have to push through it.