Start Siri Using Only Your Voice (iOS 8)

It might sound ironic that even though Siri is a voice command oriented app that allows you to speak commands, search objects, and dictate texts using your voice, it needs manual intervention (instead of using voice command) to enable the app.

Above is the default configuration where you are required to long press the Home button on your iPhone to manually enable Siri before it can start accepting your voice commands.

The fact is, it is easy to long press the Home button and play around with various other options in your iPhone when it is fully charged and no power source is needed. However, if your iPhone is connected to a power source for charging and the power/data cable has limited length, it might not be a good idea to pick up the phone and use the device along with the short cable hanging out as its tail. In order to make things easier in such situations, iOS 8 allows you to configure your Apple device in a way that you can enable Siri only with your voice, i.e. without even long pressing the Home button when it is connected to a power source.

Here is how:

    ■Press the Sleep/Wake button to turn on your iPhone running iOS 8.
    ■Make sure that your iPhone is connected to the power source.
    ■Swipe your finger on the screen (screen saying slide to unlock) towards right to unlock the device.

    ■Once the Home screen appears, tap Settings.

    ■From the Settings window, tap the General option.

    ■Once the General interface comes up, locate and tap Siri.

    ■On the opened Siri interface, ensure that the Siri toggle button is enabled.
    ■Slide to enable the Allow “Hey Siri” toggle button.

    Note: This feature can be enabled and used only if your device is connected to a power source.
    ■Once done, launch Siri by “Hey Siri” in the iPhone’s mic, without pressing the Home button.