Switch Users on a Windows 8 Laptop

The feature of Fast User Switching was first introduced in Microsoft Windows XP and was a great success. The feature has been built into every version of Windows since.

When you switch users on a Windows PC (Windows 8 in this tutorial), you are not required to sign out from the logged in user account, so you don't need to close all of your programs.

You may want to switch to another user while working on one user account in Windows 8 when the second user needs the PC for a short time, and you know you will get back within a few minutes.

Here is how you can switch between users in a Windows 8 laptop:

    ■Assuming that you are already logged on to your Window 8 PC, hover your mouse pointer to the top-right or bottom-right corner.
    ■From the opened Charms bar, click Start.

    ■Once the Start screen comes up, click your user name from the top-right corner.
    ■From the displayed menu, click to select the user name to which you wish to switch.

    ■If prompted, provide the password for the selected user in the Password field and press Enter to switch to the account.


To switch back to the previous user, you can follow the above steps again while selecting the name of the previously logged in user this time when on step 4.