The absolute best smart home washing machines


At the time of writing (October 2016), there aren’t too many truly smart washing machines on the market. Major manufacturers such as Samsung, Maytag and Whirlpool all have smart washing machines but few others have as yet. That leaves the playing field a little thin when trying to find the absolute best smart home washing machine.

However, we are nothing if not thorough and this is the current cream of the smart home washing machine crop.

Samsung AddWash

The snappily named Samsung AddWash is one of the smartest smart washing machines. It is very quiet, washes in around 65 minutes and can be controlled via an app. It works with custom programs, uses Smart Control, Ecobubble technology and is reasonably priced. The app can also control any other Samsung smart appliances you may have too.

Whirlpool Smart Top Load Washer and Dryer
The Whirlpool Smart Top Load Washer and Dryer are Whirlpool’s first smart laundry appliances and they are off to a flying start. You can download programs for custom washing cycles, connect it to Nest to coordinate temperature and timings, switch to EcoBoost mode for energy savings and guides you through every aspect of washing your clothes.

Panasonic AutoCare NA 140ZS1
The Panasonic AutoCare NA 140ZS1 is a really smart washer. It can automatically detect water volume depending on the load, check for levels of dirt and adjust detergent use accordingly, change the temperature to balance energy use and cleaning power, adjust the number of cycles depending on dirt and material and a whole lot more. It can even detect the type of detergent you use!

GE 5.1 DOE Washer with Smartdispense Technology
Another snappily-named smart appliance is the GE 5.1 DOE Washer with Smartdispense Technology. It is GE’s latest smart washer that has Wi-Fi connectivity, app control, automatic control of water and detergent, uses time saver modes, adds Oxi additives for a cleaner wash, automatically removes stains when detected and a whole lot more.

LG TwinWash
The LG TwinWash range of smart washing machines is a fully featured set of appliances with plenty of smarts. It can control water, detergent use, has lots of custom controls for different materials, an iOS and Android app with feature controls, water temperature, dirt detection and remote start. There are a lot of features here that deliver a very well rounded machine.

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