Useful Tips for iPhone X Gestures

With no Home button in new iPhone X, most of the tasks are now done with the gestures. If you find using your iPhone X without a Home button a bit challenging at first, don’t worry. After you’ve used the phone for two to three days, you’ll find it extremely comfortable. Spend a few more days with your iPhone X, and probably you will find using the phones with the Home buttons a kind of tedious.
For instance, swiping your finger to get to the Home screen is way easier than taking it precisely to the Home button to press it.
Here are some useful tips to use your iPhone X with gestures
To Wake Up
In addition to pressing the Sleep/Wake button once to wake up your iPhone X’s, you can also:
[listNum]■Tap once on the screen. The Tap to Wake option wakes iPhone X when you tap its screen.
■Pick up the phone. The Raise to Wake option wakes iPhone X when you pick it up.
To Unlock
Swipe up the Gesture Bar. This method works throughout your iPhone X, i.e. apart from unlocking your phone, swiping up the Gesture Bar also takes you back to the Home screen from any other opened app or window. The Gesture Bar is at the bottom of your iPhone X’s screen, and swiping it in different directions performs many tasks that the physical Home button did.

To Lock
In addition to pressing the Sleep/Wake button once to lock your iPhone X, you can also:
Swipe down screen from the top-left corner. New to iPhone X, this gesture locks your phone but keeps its screen awake, whereas pressing the Sleep/Wake button puts the phone to sleep altogether, and pressing the button again wakes the screen.

Swipe up the Gesture Bar. Long-tapping an app’s icon enables the Wiggle mode, and swiping up the Gesture Bar brings you out of it. Wiggle mode lets you delete any installed app from your iPhone, or move an app’s icon to a folder or a different location of the Home screen.

Slide the screen to the right. From both Home and Lock screen, sliding to the right takes you to the notification center. Sliding it to the left takes you back to the previous screen you were on; Home or Lock screen.

Swipe down the screen from the top-right corner to access Control Center. This is exactly opposite to older iPhones where Control Center could be accessed by swiping up the screen from the bottom. Tap any blank area in Control Center to get back to the previous window.

[listNum]■Get to App Switcher
Swipe up the Gesture Bar to the center and hold. This enables App Switcher. This method is quicker and simpler as compared to double-pressing the Home button.

View All Opened Apps
Scroll horizontally to navigate through the thumbnails (cards) in the App Switcher to view all the opened apps. Tap any card to open its corresponding app to work on.

View Most Recently Used App
View the top-most card in App Switcher. The card of the app you used most recently is added to the top of the stack in App Switcher, the second card is of the app you used before that, and so on.

Force-Close an App
Long-tap any app’s card in App Switcher, and either tap the icon at the top-left corner of the card of an unwanted app, or slide up the card (traditional way). Although force-closing an app is not as simple as it was in earlier models, the new method prevents you from closing an app accidentally, unintentionally.

Force-Close Multiple Apps
Place your three fingers on three cards in the App Switcher, and slide all the cards up together. This force-closes three apps at once.

Swipe the Gesture Bar to the left or right to scroll through all the opened apps in the full-window mode. This means, with iPhone X you don’t have to use App Switcher to view or switch between apps, and merely swiping the Gesture Bar horizontally serves the purpose.

Enable Reachability
To use Reachability in iPhone X, you must first enable the feature. Here’s how:
    Get to the Accessibility window
    Tap Settings > General > Accessibility. This takes you to the Accessibility window from where you can personalize the settings to make your iPhone X convenient to use according to your lifestyle or personal or professional needs.

    Enable Reachability

Tap the Reachability toggle button from under the INTERACTION section. This enables Reachability on your iPhone X. Reachability is disabled by default, and must be enabled before you can use it.

Use Reachability
Swipe down the Gesture Bar. This brings down the upper section of the opened window to the center, i.e. within your reach.

Exit Reachability
Swipe up the Gesture Bar when in Reachability mode. This takes the window back to its normal state. The window gets back to its normal state automatically if you do nothing when in Reachability mode.
Spotlight mode allows you to perform Spotlight searches and open apps from within its window itself. Getting to Spotlight mode is simple. Here’s how:
Get to Spotlight Mode
Slightly slide down any empty area on your iPhone X’s Home screen. This enables the Spotlight mode. From here you can perform Spotlight searches

Open Apps with Gestures
Get to Spotlight mode, and tap the app icons to open them. You can also tap Show More to view all the available app icons that can be opened from within the Spotlight mode.

Exit Spotlight Mode
Tap any blank area when in Spotlight mode to get back to the Home screen.
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