What is CMMCD?

CMMCD is a website dedicated to checking on the server status of Pokemon Go, and League of Legends. On top of that, it also asks players of Pokemon Go what they have received from eggs they have hatched while playing the game, so you can see percentages of how common a pokemon is found from hatching an egg. So how do you access this information and use it?

Step 1)Go to the website.
This website is located here, which will bring you right to the home page of CMMCD.


Step 2)Check server status.
From the home page, you can select the option to check the server status of either League of Legends, or Pokemon Go, with a quick click. When you select the option to check on the server status, you will also be asked if the servers are up or down for you. If you select one of these options then it will help the website to keep track of the server status.


Step 3)How to check the egg hatch statistics.
Click on the option for the egg hatcher reporter, and you'll be brought to a page to show you the statistics of how often certain pokemon are hatched from each egg. From here, you can choose to see the results of either a 2KM, 5KM, or 10KM egg and it will show you the percentage chance of each pokemon that is possible to be hatched from each egg. From here, you can also report your own finding to help to improve the results of this page. Keep in mind, these results do depend on people being honest with what pokemon they have received from hatching an egg, so there is always an element of uncertainty if someone reporting incorrect findings.


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