What Is Facebook Error 994?


Apart from the everyday use of Facebook and Facebook app, many users also use Facebook for playing games and similar applications. A lot of developers use Facebook as a platform to promote their applications and there is no shortage of users since the social network has over 2 billion active users.

Unfortunately, not everything goes smoothly when trying to play a game or even when trying to login to your Facebook app. Some people encounter various errors and one of those is Error 994, which stops you from login into your Facebook app or account. Luckily, the fix is simple since the main cause of that error is because of an incorrect time and date on your phone. So, here’s how you can fix this strange error.

    ■ As mentioned earlier, the reason for this error is probably the incorrect date and time so we’re gonna change that. Start by finding and taping Settings on your phone.


    ■ Now tap on General.


    ■ Next, find and tap on Date and time.


    ■ In here, tap on Set automatically to quickly set the correct date and time. Just note that you’ll need an internet connection for this option to work.


    ■ Also, check if your correct time zone is displayed in Time zone, if not, changed it.


    ■ If for some reason the automatic option didn’t change your date and time correctly, you can also set your time manually. First, turn off the Set automatically, then you can set it manually. Now just change the date and time to correct setting. With that, you’re all set and the error shouldn’t trouble you any more.

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