What Is Facebook Error Code 0?


This error isn’t necessarily only related to Facebook, but since the Facebook app is one of the most (if not the most) used/downloaded apps out there, a lot of the times it’s associated with the social media giant. The error can appear when downloading (or updating) Facebook app, usually from the Google Play Store.

There can be several causes for this error and as such several fixes, but fortunately, they are all relatively easy fixes as you will see for yourself. Anyway, this is what you need to do to fix this issue.

    ■ First, check if the permissions are causing the problem or lack of them, to be more precise. Open Settings on your device.


    ■ Tap on Installed apps, Apps or Application manager, it all depends on your phone.


    ■ Now find and tap on your phone app store, Google Play Store in this case.


    ■ Tap on App permissions.


    ■ In here turn on all of the permissions (if it works, you can then turn off the redundant ones later on, if you don’t want the app to have this much control).


    ■ Also do this for any related app like Google Play Services.


    ■ If you’re still getting the issue, try tapping on Clear Data and/or Clear Cache in your app store properties.


    ■ You can also tap on Uninstall updates and see if that fixed the issue. Again, do all of this for the related app Google Play Services.


    ■ I hope these steps helped you fixed the issue, and if not, you can try asking on Facebook, Google or any other relevant support, depending on where you encounter this error.
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