What Is The Facebook Security Check-up? Everything You Need To Know


An insanely popular social media network, Facebook has had its share of privacy and security violations, and with the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, the social media giant was yet again in the spotlight. Still, security-wise there are a bunch of options that people can use to secure their account and with that their privacy too.

One of those options is the Security Check-up, which will basically review and add more security to your account. It’s pretty straightforward so you won’t have any trouble setting it up but it is kinda hidden. With that out of the way, here’s how you can set up Facebook’s security check-up.

    ■ Open your browser and type www.facebook.com in the address bar and press Enter.

    ■ Provide your credentials and click on the Log In button, if you’re not already logged in.


    ■ Click on the question mark at the upper right section of the page, and in the displayed menu, type “security checkup” in the search bar.


    ■ Click on What’s security checkup and how do I start it?.


    ■ Now click on Start security Checkup.


    ■ You have a few things to do here. You can log out of unused apps, get login alerts (which basically means that Facebook will let you know if an unrecognized device accessed your account) and you also have the option to improve your password.


    ■ Scrolling down, you can click on security settings to see and change some more options.


    ■ Well there’s that. Make sure to check all of these settings carefully as they will improve the security of your account.
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