White Macbook 2010: 8Gb Memory and Hard Drive Upgrade for Beginners

There are two version of White Macbook that was on sale in 2010-2011. White Macbook with Geforce GT 320M and older version of White Macbook with Geforce 9400M. This video tutorial is for White Macbook 2010 with GeForce GT 320M video on board. Older White Macbook Geforce 9400M video was not tested and not covered in this tutorial.
You are doing it on your own risk and responsibility. Author of this video tutorial or Tom`s Hardware is not responsible for any damages.


White Macbook 2010: 8Gb Memory and Hard Drive Upgrade 101 was recorded for educational purposes. In this video Alex Moroz( Moroz Academy) will show you how to upgrade your White Macbook 2010 with 8GB of DDR3 memory and 512 gb HHD. When Apple White Macbook 2010 was release back in 2010 - apple did not support 8 gb of DDR3 Ram. Apple did not support officially 8gb of DDR3 RAM for White Macbook 2010 at all. However, White Macbook 2010( with GeForce GT 320M video on board) is capable to support 8 gb of DDR3. In this video, you can learn how easy to install 8 gb of DDR3 ram by yourself in 30 minutes and with the budget of 70 dollars. You may also install higher capacity HHD like 512 gb(WD 512 GB Scorpio Black) same hard drive that was intalled in this video or new 1 TB WD Scorpio Blue series . Keep in mind, that there are two 1TB WD Scorpio Blue HDD from Western Digital.You need the thinnest (make sure that HDD height: 9.5mm. If the height: 12.5mm it will not fit).
You can also use any other brands of HDD, but make sure that 2.5 inch HDD has height: 9.5mm and not 12.5mm. You may install SSD - use the same technique as was used for installing HHD during this video.

Please keep in mind, that there is rule for the memory as well. Somehow motherboard does not boot with 1333 mhz cas 9 or faster memory - I believe it is due to higher latency CAS Factor and motherboard does not ability to switch the CAS value to lower or something. Memory should be DDR 3 1066 mhz with CAS 7. I used: Corsair 2x4 GB 1066Mhz CAS 7-7-7-20 (model number: CMSA8GX3M2A1066C7) for 79 dollars.

part 1 of 3:


part 2 of 3:


part 3 of 3:


This White Macbook 2010 was used and tested with multiple applications: 3d rendering, video rendering, gaming and internet for the period of 2 years. I did not have any problems with upgrade at all and battery charge was holding the charge for 1 minute less. Dual boot was installed: Mac OSX and Windows 7 Pro operating systems. Both operating systems system see the memory and use it correctly. Video was recorded in 2011. This macbook laptop is heavily used as mobile video render and photo retouching work station.

White MacBook 2010 booted in Windows 7 Pro and memory configuration:

Multiple THANK YOU emails were received from happy viewers of this video, that tried this upgrade method for their White Macbook 2010( Geforce GT 320M video). Some people reported success with White Macbook 2010(Geforce 9400M), but we did not test older White Macbook 2010 (Geforce 9400M video) and cant say anything about it.

Thank you for reading and watching this material on Tom`s Hardware Forum. Squeeze the maximum performance out of your 2010 White Macbook without breaking the bank. Have fun and good luck!
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