Windows on my Android Device Open and Close Slowly

All Windows on My Android Device Open and Close Very Slowly. What Could Be Wrong?

If the windows on your android device are opening up and closing very slowly, the issue might not be with the hardware of the device itself. In fact, it is some kind of setting that is misconfigured either accidentally by you or it has been modified automatically by an app that you might have downloaded and installed lately.

If your android device behaves this way, you don’t have to take it to the customer care team and pay for a repair. Instead, the issue can be resolved instantaneously, and even you can solve this problem at your home.

Note: The process of rectifying the problem explained in this tutorial is based upon the interface and the option names of the Samsung Galaxy GT – N8000 tablet. The devices (mobiles/tablets) manufactured by different vendors may have different interfaces of the windows, and also some options may be present there with the different names. Nonetheless, the basic concept, background processing and the end result on all the android devices remains identical, provided the process given in this tutorial is followed exactly the way it is given.

Below is the process explaining you what you need to do if the windows on your android device are opening and closing very slowly:
FYI – The issue is because of the increased window and transit animation scale values.

  1. ■Tap the app drawer icon from the home screen.
    ■From the displayed list, tap the Settings icon.
    ■From the Settings window, tap the Developer options from the left pane.
    ■On the right pane, tap the Transition animation scale option under the Drawing section.
    ■On the opened box, tap to select the 1x radio button.


    ■Once done, tap the back button multiple times to exit all the opened windows.
    ■You will now notice that the windows and other menus are opening normally, i.e. without any delays in the animations.

Note: Most of the time, the issues related to display settings, devices’ obnoxious behaviors, etc. are the results of accidentally or deliberately misconfigured Developer options settings. Many times such issues can be resolved just by disabling the Developer options feature altogether. However, disabling the entire feature might also disable other important settings such as USB debugging which is disabled by default, but is enabled by the users on purpose. Before making any changes in the Developer options, make sure you are comfortable with the android OS, and understand the consequences of configuring the device incorrectly.
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