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  1. S

    gaming laptop for 1k cad

    Hey guys, just wanted some help to figure what is the best gaming laptop I can find for 1000$ cad tx included, I'll mostly be playing MMORPGs, fps, and mobas. (bdo, LoL,doom,gta5) I don't mind much about it being chunky/heavy, I just want it to be able to play the games I've listed with decent...
  2. A

    GTX 1060 Laptop For up to $1000 (Debatable)

    Looking for a good GAMING laptop with decent battery life (4+ Hours) and max of up to $1150 (Nothing More) not even by a single dollar (Debatable). Must have gtx1060 or better Hard Drive can be an SSD or HDD as long as is above 500gb CPU - Prefer i7-6700HQ, but other will do!
  3. Z

    what's your Opinion on this Desktop

    hi everyone i wanna buy a 1000$ Desktop and i was wondering is it worth that price the Desktop has: . Processor: intel® Core™ i7 4770 . Mother bored: MSI B85-G41 PC Mate . RAM: 8Go (1x8Go) 1600Mhz DDR3 . GPU: Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 4GB . Hard drive: Seagate 2 To (SATA III, 7200 tpm, 64MB) ...
  4. D

    Laptop under $1000.

    I was planning to buy a laptop under $1000 . It should be portable , should have good battery life , should pack at least 6th gen i5 ,8 gigs of ram. Main use would be programming and light gaming. Also , hows Razer blade stealth as an option ?
  5. A

    Best Gaming Laptop avaliable

    hello, I am currently looking to buy a gaming laptop, i have a 1000-ish$ budget, i would prefer NVidia graphics and an i7. but im open to suggestions. currently i have found a great looking laptop on cyberpowerpc, http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/Fangbook_III_BX6-100_Gaming_Laptop i have...
  6. Racinglife12

    Are these budget speakers worth it?

    Hi I have something to ask here. I recently have caught my eyes on some Skytronic speakers for just a little more than 200 euro for a pair. They are the SkyTec Disco PA speaker 2x 15" 1000W LED. I'm going to place them in a room which is 4.70m by 3.60m. The Amp that is going to power them is a...
  7. P

    Laptop with IPS display under 1000 (light gaming/photoshop)

    Im looking for a 15" laptop with a good and accurate IPS display. Will be mainly used for Photoshop, Autocad and some light gaming. What do you guys recommend?
  8. R

    Looking forward to build a 1000$ laptop

    Hello, I presently have a custom-built tower (which i built getting help here, thank you all) and now I'm looking forward to build myself a custom laptop, because for my managing program in university I'm required to have a laptop. Now I have a budget of 1000$, and I want this computer to run...
  9. Xrunner98

    Decent Laptop for college

    Hey guys. So in a year I will be heading off to college and I need to find a laptop. I already have my desktop (Which I will be bringing with me), but obviously I can't lug a tower around and take notes on it. So if anyone have any recommendations for a solid, windows-based laptop it would be...
  10. M

    Gaming laptop for $1000 - advice needed

    hey guys, i am looking for a gaming laptop for 1000 $ or slightly less. (i cannot get a desktop pc) It definitely has to be a 15.6" with 1080p display and an optical drive(dvd). i dont think i need more than 8 gigs of ram. Also a backlit keyboard and at least partial ssd would be nice. i would...
  11. J

    Business Laptop within INR 50-60000 ($850-1000)

    Need Help!! I am getting confuse with all the available brands and models. Till now I’ve used Samsung, Lenovo, IBM, Sony, Dell and HP. My requirements are: Screen Size: 13-14 OS: Not sure about Windows 8 or IOS; currently using windows 7 Must Req: Good Battery Life and Less Weight Usage...
  12. Riuse

    Gaming Laptop and where to buy

    For college my family decided to gift me and my brother a laptop each and since I'm somehow the most tech savvy person among them I'm the one tasked with choosing a laptop. However I'm having two issues. My first problem is finding a site that will fit my complex shipping needs. The laptop for...
  13. S

    Best Gaming Laptop

    What is the best gaming laptop that money can buy for £1000. Yes Im asking for a laptop and not a desktop because I need a laptop for the portability.
  14. Y

    I'm looking for a good gaming laptop under $1000 that will run games on high settings

    I already have a gaming desktop, but now I would like a gaming laptop. I will be playing modern games like Skyrim, Max Payne 3, and the occasional FPS game. Also, I would like to play those games on high settings, with a budget of $1000. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks again.
  15. V

    Is there another laptop like this? [acer aspire v7-582pg]

    Hi everyone, Over the next few days I'm planning on buying my new laptop. Now, I am looking for an ultrabook and I realize my demand are a bit high for my budget. The only laptop that I have found so far, is this one. My budget is €1000,00. What I want for that is a thin 15" ultrabook...
  16. S

    Low Budget Light Gaming Laptop

    I am new to Toms Hardware, so forgive me if I make a couple errors in my formatting. What I am looking for is a mobile laptop that can handle some light gaming, MMOs and RTS, such as World of Tanks, Warthunder, and Hearts of Iron 3. The things that most matter to me are the following: Battery...