Low Budget Light Gaming Laptop


Aug 14, 2013
I am new to Toms Hardware, so forgive me if I make a couple errors in my formatting.

What I am looking for is a mobile laptop that can handle some light gaming, MMOs and RTS, such as World of Tanks, Warthunder, and Hearts of Iron 3.

The things that most matter to me are the following:

Battery Life, a long lasting computer that can hold at least 6 hours of charge.

Gaming performance. At least an i5 Ivy Bridge processor. Nvidia 650 at least.

Lightweight and Portable: Screen size must be below 16", and weigh less than 6 pounds.

Software: This isn't really that important to me, but if possible, I would like a laptop that comes with Photoshop.

Aesthetics: This is the least important thing, but if possible, have an interesting design.

The Brands I would like most are MSi, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, and Asus. I've had bad experience with Dell,Apple, and HP(Just broke down on me)