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    Issue when playin games on TV theough HDMI

    Hey guys, After I installed Win10 on my laptop I noticed something very unusual. Whenever I use the HDMI output to play a game I notice a huge FPS decrease, although playing with the same video configs and same resolution as when I play through the notebook screen. Tried to to anything I could...
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    Which Laptop is Better?

    Hello there! I have deliberated long and hard over the topic of which laptop I should buy. I really want a laptop which is not too heavy like, for instance a GT72 dominator pro, and yet still have the capacity for games. I have so far settled on an msi gs60 ghost pro since it's amazingly thin...
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    macbook pro 2010 vs 2011 gaming

    hi im wondering which macbook pro can give me the most fps in games like borderlands 2 and bioshock infinite. so far as iv seen is that the gt320m is around the same ore more than the intel hd graphics 3000. so the main reason that iv heard for the 320m beating the 3000 is because of driver...