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    Can I edit 4K videos smoothly with this laptop?

    I'm going to get a Dell Inspiron 5570 with these specs: I7-8550u Radeon 530 16gb RAM 256gb SSD 1080p matt screen Will I be able to edit 4K videos with fair number of basic effects smoothly?
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    4k video playback on old system

    hey guys i have nvidia 1030+q8300 can i play 4k with this? i was trying to , but i had low fps cpu 89% vga 29% is there anyway to force GPU to do the job? i am using jetaudio
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    MacBook Pro video editing/travelling. 13" vs 15"?

    Hey, I was looking to purchase my first MacBook and I'm struggling to decide which one. I will be travelling for 3 months, so portability is a requirement, during which I will be editing 4k 24p and 1080 60p (slowed down) H.264 video. So far I was editing in Premiere Pro on a Windows desktop...