MacBook Pro video editing/travelling. 13" vs 15"?


Oct 29, 2017

I was looking to purchase my first MacBook and I'm struggling to decide which one.

I will be travelling for 3 months, so portability is a requirement, during which I will be editing 4k 24p and 1080 60p (slowed down) H.264 video.
So far I was editing in Premiere Pro on a Windows desktop, but due to FCPXs optimization I would be willing to use that.

I've looking into this topic a lot and I came to the conclusion that a 2016 or 2017 MacBook Pro would be the best option. As the trip will be very expensive, I would like to save as much on the laptop as I can, so getting the cheapest one that gets the job done. It just has to reliably edit.
I would also be willing to buy a used one.

The first question would be 15" vs 13".
I know that the 15" is much more powerful, but I wanted to know if it that extra power is necessary or if the 13" would be enough.

Then if 15" then 2017 or is a used 2016 good enough?
And if a 13" then non-TB or with TB (again 2017 or 2016)



Personally, for editing I would not consider anything less than a 15" whether it be a MacBook or a PC laptop. I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro (15") and I would not recommend anything any smaller. If it has to be a Macbook then the 2016 should be good enough. From what I have read and heard I wouldn't bother with the touch bar. Just out of curiosity, what reason did you find for opting not to consider a PC laptop? I only ask since money is a consideration and the better options you would have with a non-Apple laptop.