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  1. J

    Looking for 1080p 60hz Gaming Laptop

    Hello all, as you can see by my title, I'm on the look out for a 1080p 60hz gaming laptop hoping to catch it on Black Friday. Now I'm gonna be mostly using it to play emulators especially the PS2 emulator so I need a laptop with a good quad core cpu. Now I do plan to play some Triple A and/or...
  2. R

    Video Playback Preference

    I am looking to get back into making some YouTube videos and was wonder... What is every ones viewing preference? 1080p @ 60FPS Orrrrr 4K @ 30FPS? Any and all feedback is highly appreciated!
  3. ChaoticWolf

    Possible to turn 30fps recorded video in 60fps?

    Let's just say that I got my camera that natively records at 1080p 30fps or 24fps. Is it possible to turn that recording into 60fps? Like any video that's pretty much lower than 60fps? I know obviously rendering 30fps or a little higher video than 60fps will just be adding frames that won't be...
  4. H

    GTX 1050ti running minecraft on 30fps..

    laptop runs minecraft on 30fps max, i have no idea why. first the game was running on the integrated graphics at 60fps max, i then switched it to my gtx 1050ti and was getting 30fps max. my specs are i7 7700 8gb ram 1tb hd + 128gb ssd gtx 1050ti any ideas why this is happening?? i have also...
  5. M

    Camera for YouTube videos with 1080p+60fsp - prefer compact

    Hello, I am a complete beginner and want to buy a camera to shoot videos for YouTube. I'm not considering camcorders as I also want to use it to take pictures while on vacation and for general day to day life. From what I've already read I can say that I would like to be able to get 1080p...
  6. M

    Regular Sony Vegas 1080p 60fps file size?

    For anyone with alot of experience with Sony Vegas pro, after you render a video, specifically in 1080p 60fps, how big should a 8 minute video be? Mine are about 1.1 Gb for a 8 minute video. Is that bigger than normal and should change my render settings or is that normal? Thanks.
  7. F

    Will More Ram Increase Sony Vegas Rendering Speed?

    I currently have a YouTube channel which I upload to 3 times a week. I have recently switched to Sony Vegas Pro 13, from Movie Maker, and I've suddenly noticed how long it takes to render. Rendering 1080p, 60fps, at 26000 kbps bitrate it takes about 4 minutes per minute of footage. Sometimes my...
  8. Sleepyhead Media

    1200p/1440p/1600p @60FPS *CAMCORDER*

    As the title suggests I'm looking for a Camcorder that is either 1200p/1440p or 1600p @60FPS. 4K is wildly expensive for me, but I don't want a 1080p Camcorder.. I would like to downscale from one of those resolutions to 1080p so I have better image quality at 1080p. I don't want RAW footage at...