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  1. H

    My laptop with i3 3217u Overheat and Underperforming

    I bought a laptop with this spec: i3 3217u 1,8ghz Geforce 740m 2gb Ram 2x4gb When i use it for gaming like Gta V, Fortnite, AC Liberation, my laptop get very hot with gpu 85 degree and cpu 91 degree. And usage: gpu 50% cpu 100% ram usage only 4gb at gta v and 2gb ac liberation When i see a...
  2. D

    ASUS: Playing Video Causes Shutdown

    Disclaimer: I've seen this issue posted last year and back then the temperature was the issue. I already ran realtemp and my temps are fine. I'm on an Asus laptop running Win10 Home 64-bit and mainly when I run video's from YouTube (Chrome and Firefox, browser makes no difference) or from my...
  3. K

    Acer Aspire 7738(g) Laptop. Can it be upgraded past 4gb?

    I have an old Acer Aspire 7738(g) that my mom returned to me. I decided to look at the specs because I couldn't remember how much ram was on here. I looked up the max amount of ram you can use on the laptop. Only 4gb... That seems much too little, so I looked around and saw that people managed...
  4. K

    ASUS X555LB ram upgrade to 16gb?

    I am planning to upgrade me new ASUS X555LB 8gb ram to 16gb ram. The Crucial website http:// and the official Intel Ark says it supports up to 16 gb of ram. What do you think? Is it risky to update? If no should it be the same brand if I buy a new one? Thank you for the answers! :)
  5. G

    Best £400 or less Laptop for photography in UK.

    What I am looking for is the best possible laptop i can get in the UK for less than £400. I need a laptop for some portable photo editing and thats about it. Preferable: i5 processor, 8GB ram, SSD. These are just some things that i would like in this kind of laptop but i would be willing to...
  6. Memento

    Surface Book 8gb ram vs 16gb ram

    Hi, I'm planning to pre-order the surface book, and I've been searching around for opinions on weather or not I need 16gb of ram, or if 8gb is enough. I found quite a few post about this kind of thing, but none about the surface book specifically, and most of them were 4+ years old. I will be...
  7. hosley276

    Which Laptop Should I Get?

    Hello So, i have different laptops to choose from to buy that i need your help with. I want the one that is best for gaming, (maybe Assassins creed unity) they are all 8GB RAM and i7. Thanks Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Convertible Laptop Intel Core i7-3667U (2.0/3.2GHz) 8GB RAM 256GB...
  8. attacus

    Acer 6935 4GB to 8GB ram upgrade possible?

    Acer's website says that the 6935 and 6935g have a limit of 4GB ddr3 1066Mhz ram. However, the P45 chipset takes 8GB. Is there a surefire way to know if I can upgrade the ram without actually buying it? I have an unlocked bios version 1.20. The pictures shows a list of the menus that come with...