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    Asus g752vs OR Aorus x7 v6

    I was about to buy this asus laptop http://www.excaliberpc.com/647416/asus-g752vs-rb71-17.3-g-sync-full.html + 256 ssd but i found out that this Aorus http://www.excaliberpc.com/647571/aorus-x7-v6-pc3k4d-17.3-qhd.html laptop costs like 150-200$ more but it has 1440p 120hz screen and 512ssd...
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    New Alienware 17 R3 Color Calibration UHD 4k Display

    Hi guys, I'm using an external monitor via HDMi which is an ASUS and the external one seems fine but I expected my alienware screen to be perfectly calibration out of the box (not sure if this realistic). Anyways, i tried using the lagom website and calibrize program but things still seem abit...
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    Which headset is better for gaming

    I know it is abit weird comparing a headphone for a headset . they are almost the same price so maybe you could help me knowing the difference and which is better razer hammerhead pro razer kraken 7.1 chroma
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    Which gaming laptop???

    hey guys im hoping you could help me asap .im going to order in the next 2 days but abit unclear. i have 2 options http://www.rebeltech.co.za/laptops/8929-asus-rog-g551jw-intel-i5-4200h-8gb-1tb-hdd-156-geforce-gtx-960m-windows-81-asus-rog-g551jw-g551jw-dm021h-intel-shark-bay-i5-4200.html...
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    Message: The file " on is needed.

    To sell my Abit AN8 with AMD 64x2 4200+ with 4Gb running Win 7, I formatted the drive and installed XP Pro SP2 (from original CD), Abit MB Drivers and SP3. When I try to install the Media Audio Controller (Realtek) I get message: The file " on is needed. The needed file is blank (should be...
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    How can I fix my laptop when it makes weird noises and bit won't turn on this is after I spilt abit of water on it

    My Asus laptop won't come on, it makes a noises from the bottom?
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    one speaker doesnt always work on my surround sound

    hello I have a mordaunt short flagship surround system and for some reason 1 of my speakers (front left) doesn't always work, it will go off sometimes and not come back on for abit and then it does all of a sudden, At one point it turned on and off rapidly for about 5 seconds but now just goes...